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Young Naturists and Nudists America (YNA) is the fastest growing nudist organization and online naturist community based out of the NY / NJ / PA area. We welcome everyone regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, tattoos, piercings. Click here to learn about joining YNA.

Please read our mission, goals, and values below to learn what we are all about! ie, the love. ;)

Mission: To impact the world in a positive manner!

The Goals of Young Naturists America:

  • The promotion of safe, fun naturist events and activities, along with the YNA ideals / values.
  • Advocating for more tolerance and understanding when it comes to human interaction.
  • Combating Bullying in all its various forms.
  • Protecting and advocating for our rights to practice safe non sexualized naturism / social nudity.
  • Educating the public about the benefits of naturism / nude recreation.
  • Promote positive awareness of the human form in a non-sexualized way while teaching the values of body acceptance.
  • Creating a safe and comfortable online community of like-minded people.
  • Creating a support network of good people who are willing to lend a hand if needed.
  • Creating an online database of people who have been noted for highly questionable or concerning activities and/or unlawful, disrespectful or delinquent behavior while using the identity of nudists/naturists.

MANTRA: It’s all about the love! We at YNA believe in greater social responsibilities and because of this our members need to adhere to and practice the following ideals / values / rules to be an influential part of our group. A lack of compliance with our ideals may cause someone to be banned from participating in our events and / or social online platforms. So please read carefully before deciding if you want to participate (we might tweak this a bit as we go along so please feel free to come back and review these guidelines).

Rules and Values:

  • Always leave a place (or a person) in better shape than it was before you got there.
  • No overt sexual behavior in a public setting while participating in any of our (YNA’s) events.
  • No littering. Respect your surroundings.
  • Respect others’ right to privacy. This includes their right with respects to their identity, writings and any photography.
  • You must agree to resolve conflicts quickly, openly and directly.
  • You must respect others as they are.
  • Please note that if Jordan plays any game – his team wins!


  • Giving back to the community and helping out in the community.
  • Assisting and supporting those in need.
  • Cooperating with other individuals, groups and organizations who share our morals and ideals.
  • No discrimination of anyone as long as they abide by the rules (regardless of sex, race, sexuality / sexual preference, body art / piercings, body type and so on…).
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Young Naturists America

Check out this recent documentary about YNA and its founders, Jordan Blum and Felicity Jones.

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Young Naturists America and Body Image

This brings us to one of our main missions – Body Image and the promotion of body acceptance! Body Image issues seem to plague many in today’s society. We at YNA, hope, that with time and through social nudity, people and families will learn what body acceptance is all about.

We strongly believe that it is far more important who the person is, rather than what they look like or how much money they have. Nudists and Naturists from around the world enjoy social nudity and with all due respect to those who might not agree, we feel there is nothing wrong with the naked body or social nudity in general! We hope that society, one day, will learn that people are just people, nothing more and nothing less.

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes and no one should be judged on how they look, what job they have or how much money they make… People should be judged on the essence of who they truly are and / or the things they do and say.

Come to a YNA event and see for yourself that every person’s body is unique and different. But before you do, perhaps you should take a moment and read our Nudist Etiquette. While we don’t judge people who enjoy sexually driven events, our organization is about enjoying naturism and social nudity in a non-sexual setting. Young Naturists and Nudists America (YNA) has absolutely nothing to do with promoting sex. What it does promote is – acceptance!

Like it or not, nudity is a big deal in our culture. Nudity is associated with exposure, freedom, vulnerability, and even shame. Many view the naked body as inherently sexual, immodest and sometimes even immoral. But there is a growing number of people who are questioning their long-held beliefs of nudity, nudism and what it represents.

Welcome to Nudist Naturist America, the home of Young Naturists and Young Nudists America or YNA for short. Here we promote a healthy body image, advocate for more social acceptance and try to put an end to cyber bullying and bullying in general. Through Social Nudity / Naturism we hope to be able to impact the world in a positive manner in our own unique nudie way!

If you like what we do and want to get more involved, check out our young naturist volunteer page!

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