Naturist Living Show: South Africa Nude Beaches

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 NLS Podcast: Interview with Serge Pavlovic About South Africa Nude Beaches

Talking about South Africa Nude Beaches

On episode 74 of the Naturist Living Show, Stephane interviews Serge Pavlovic, chairman of the Western Cape Naturist Association. Serge has been one of the naturist activists working to legalize the nude beaches in South Africa. They’ve already had one big success with Mpenjati Beach, and you can read our own interview with Serge here.

The next beach they are working to legalize is called Sandy Bay. Like Mpenjati, Sandy Bay has already been an “unofficial” nude beach for a long time. Serge and others of SANNA (South African National Naturist Assocation) are just looking to make it official and legal. For a nude beach, legal status is always preferred and there are many benefits to it, such as much better and greater promotion, making it part of local tourism, better law enforcement on the beach, etc.

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Serge and friends on the nude beach in South Africa

What’s remarkable about SANNA’s efforts is that they’re able to now create rules for the beach that will be enforced by the municipality, rather than leaving it to naturists to police the beach. They are able to enforce sensible rules of naturist etiquette, such as only taking a person’s photo with permission. We recently discussed the issues with nude beach photography in the U.S., as photography is legal on all public beaches here, nude or not.

It’s great that South Africa and other countries can outlaw non-consensual photography in public nude settings. We wish we could just as easily do the same in the U.S., for the safety and comfort of all.

In their current efforts to legalize Sandy Bay nude beach, SANNA needs your help! They have an online petition and need a lot more signatures. Even if you don’t live in South Africa, your signature matters because they take tourism into consideration. Help out and support the South Africa naturist movement and take a few seconds to sign their petition.

In this episode, we also hear the first contributed segment from Australian nudist blogger Michael Connolly, also known as Nudey Man. Michael gives an overview of naturism in Australia, and names some naturist / naked places and events there.

Listen to the whole interview below, along with my own segment where we discuss my Free the Nipple review. This is the last of the 2014 podcasts, and a new show will be coming out soon for January.

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Or stream the episode at the Naturist Living Show website.

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