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 NLS Podcast: Nude Art and ‘Getting Naked’ at THEMUSEUM

Episode 76 (the March episode) of the Naturist Living Show is all about nude art and the Getting Naked exhibit at THEMUSEUM in Ontario, Canada. This curated exhibition features over 100 works of nude art from the Canada Council Art Bank.

Through the art bank, organizations and corporations can rent prominent works of art to display in offices and other spaces. But as it turns out, nudes are the least popular choice for rentals. This museum exhibit allows these fine art nudes to see the light of day and get the appreciation they deserve.

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Sculpture by Gregory James Payce. Where’s the nude art? Look at the negative space between them!


But the exclusion of naked art for display begs the question: Why are we so uncomfortable with nudity outside of a museum? One of the main objectives of Getting Naked is to challenge and question our cultural discomfort with nakedness.

For the podcast, Stéphane interviewed the exhibit curator, Virginia Eichhorn. She points out that nudity is an integral part of the history of art, but recognizes our negative reactions to it depending the context.

Her and Stéphane discuss a few of the works, one of which is a portrait by Donigan Cumming of his elderly mother. In the photo, she is standing in front of a window with her nightgown open in the front and her breasts in full view. I really liked Eichhorn’s comments on this that the woman is vulnerable but has no shame. In this article on CBC, you can see Cumming’s untitled work, as well as another popular piece from the exhibit – a teapot with a phallic spout – and read Eichhorn’s thoughts on that, too.

The exhibit opened on March 7 and runs until May. On Friday, March 27 (tonight!) Bare Oaks has organized a naked night at the museum for naturists and anyone who’s interested to view the art while naked. (Nudity will be mandatory.) On the podcast, Stéphane and Virginia talk about how this might affect one’s experience and perspective in viewing the art. For those who are new to social nudity, will they empathize more with the vulnerability of the naked subjects in the art? Tonight perhaps they will find out.

Not only is there significant art to see, THEMUSEUM has also scheduled weekly lectures and film screenings called “The Naked Dialogues.” Topics are centered around the art and the role of nudity in history and culture. On Sunday, March 29 at 1:30pm, Stéphane will be giving a talk on the history and philosphy of the naturist movement.

It sounds like this exhibit and accompanying lectures will be great, and the Bare Oaks “Nude Art Nude” event will surely make for an interesting evening. (I wish I could attend!)

As for my usual segment, this time Jordan chimes in to talk to Stéphane about our YNA student documentary, and then they talk a little bit about AANR and nudie politics.

Podcast show links:

Stream above or at the Naturist Living Show website.

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