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Natural Living – Healthy Eating Naturally

Natural Living – It’s been 8.5 years since I learned of the freedom intrinsic in nudism and we all know there are many benefits to being a nudist. Since then it’s been hard to keep clothes on me and I find that I feel the most free, the most accepted, and truly just plain the most comfortable when I’m nude.

Lately, I’ve learned about another kind of freedom that is different but goes along with the freedom found in nudism: freedom to be healthy. I suppose nobody held a gun to my head to force me to drink Pepsi each day or to eat sugary, processed foods, but I was a prisoner to it even without the gun.

Natural Living

Natural Living

Until about a month ago, anyway. It was at that time that I first met with a Health Coach in my area to learn what “being healthy” meant. In just that month, my life has totally turned upside down. Or right side up, considering it’s pretty much been upside down for years.

It never occurred to me to drink water. Isn’t that just for swimming in? Or maybe for splashing people with the hose while playing on a slip-n-slide at the YNA Gathering at Juniper Woods? It’s not! That water stuff is pretty great at keeping me hydrated and energetic. Imagine that!

And food. In a world where a Snickers Bar is never more than 5 minutes away, it seemed strange to try those crazy vegetable things instead. But I did. Honestly, that’s some good stuff! Fruits have always been good stuff but now I’m also friends with veggies.

But what does this have to do with naturism, pray tell? In thinking about it, the two really do go hand in hand. Nudism is enjoying life naturally, without additives and preservatives. So is being healthy. In the old days of nudism, many people did live a very healthy lifestyle and nudism was just part of the hippie naturist thing. Nowadays, well, it’s pretty obvious that nudism and eating naturally don’t always go hand in hand.

Do you think that we should re-unite natural eating and natural dress? If so, how do you think we can do this without destroying our friend Body Acceptance? This health thing is something I’m very passionate about and I’m seeing huge results in just changing my diet and starting to exercise. It’s a passion that I want to share with other nudists, not to get thin (though that could very likely happen) but to help us to live the naturally healthy lives that we deserve!

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36 year old nudist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, climbing trees, writing, and helping people. Been a nudist since the age of 28 and found it to be a life changing way of living.
  • HeartHealthyChris

    Healthy eating and naturism go hand in hand. Not only are you experiencing your body more conciensly when nude, but you’ll also apreciate and respect it more. With this respect it becomes more natural to tread and feed it more carefully.
    Though I’ve been a naturist all my life, coming to North America has put a toll on it. Unhealthy eating and a sensitivity to omnious available gluten and corn made me sick. And has brought about my turning point.
    Finding the cause of my illness (the over sensitiveness for most common foods) I’ve turned to organic veggies and fruit. Though I’ve not turned totally vegan, I’m having less cravings for meat and sugars. I feel more energetic and have even started running. (something I used to dreath. Must read: “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougal)
    This has had obviously a positive effect on my body in both health and aperance. And it helped my wife in accepting naturism as the better way of life. Thus I’ve been able to return to my roots by actively practicing naturism again.
    As to your question of Body aceptance; you have to accept yourself as you are first! Then you’ll be able to change your life into a healthy direction. Changing ones lifestyle is not an easy task and one needs to be motivated and driven to do so.
    That I look more healthy now was never my intention. I accepted who I was first and the desire to tread my body as best as I can became a consequence. Which in itself resulted in a more attractive body.
    Bon Apetit !

  • nateurist

    This is a great concept.  Striving for natural and healthy living in all aspects of our lives should be foremost in out thoughts.  I’ve more or less been a home nudist most of my life.  I see many benefits including less laundry and less wear and tear on the textiles.  Not to mention less AC electric, etc.
    As far as there being a divergence between body image and healthy eating I fail to see it.  I’ve found naturism to be a motivating force regarding better eating and living.  When we wear clothes we are able to stuff ourselves into something that hides our opportunites for improvement bodywise.  (notice I didn’t say flaws)  When I look in the mirror I see that paunch or other thing that I feel I’d like to change for the better.  It’s not about looking like a GQ magazine cover model but about recognizing the ill effects of poor dietary habits and a sedintary lifestyle.  The drive to change that can only be good.

  • JohnThomas1

    Yes! We absolutely should reunite nudism with a healthier lifestyle. It can be done without giving up body acceptance, because not everyone will make the change, but as nudists we’ll accept them anyway. But we also can’t use acceptance as an excuse to ignore our health and our fellow nudists’ health. There is nothing wrong with encouraging each other to be healthy. Most nudists are older and slowly killing themselves with bad habits. Let’s keep nudism alive by showing the way to health. It’s also a great way to re-connect with nudist history, following the example of people like Nature Boys eden ahbez, gypsy boots and vegetarians john and vera richter.