Naked Yoga Blog By Nude Yoga Instructor Cindee Rifkin NYC

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Naked Yoga Blog By Cindee

#4 In Our Nude Years Eve Sponsored Posts is a Naked Yoga Blog!

Naked Yoga Blog – We are so into naked yoga that we decided to introduce every available instructor to you in the tri-state area. Aren’t we such considerate naked yogis? (Ok we’re working on the “yogi” part.) Here is the 4th sponsor guest blog from Cindee, ex-NY-Mercantile-employee turned liberated naked yoga instructor! Join us at Nude Year’s Eve this weekend for a chance to win a private session with her!

Naked Yoga Blog By Cindee Rifkin

My name is Cindee. I am a Yoga teacher in NYC, and my mission is to inspire awareness through the practice of Yoga. When I learned I would be writing a guest blog, I felt grateful to have the opportunity to share my conviction that Yoga is not only a physical practice, but also connects us to our natural state of being.

In 2003, after twelve years in a stressful financial job, I was invited by a colleague to join her in a Yoga class. I was not physically flexible, and I did not see myself as a “Yoga person”, so I was hesitant – but I was excited.

That winter day, I stepped onto a Yoga mat and my life changed. After only an hour and a half, I had some space between my thoughts. I found that when my breath slowed down, so did my mind. I had heard of the connection between mind and body, and I began to experience it that day. The next day at work, something was different: I was more focused, less stressed, and I felt more connected to life.

Naked Yoga Blog

Naked Yoga Blog – Courtesy of

In 2007, I googled “naked Yoga” as I was curious about practicing Yoga while naked. (I confess that my motivation was not entirely pure, so to speak!) I phoned ISIS Phoenix. Her voice was so nurturing that I was eager to meet her, and I signed up for a Goddess Yoga class. To my surprise, as soon as I stepped on my Yoga mat my body surrendered to freedom and my spirit danced in celebration. I had participated in naked parties and events before, but this was different. ISIS gave us permission to fully be ourselves, something I had never experienced before.

ISIS was on to something, and I knew in my heart that I was going to be a part of something magical. Naked Yoga with ISIS became part of my routine as I gained confidence in this vehicle which is my physical body.

Once I learned to witness how I moved in my body, I learned how to manage my energy (my spirit, my vitality) and I no longer felt stuck inside. I became more rooted into the earth and I began to really “be” my passions and my visions instead of just “doing” them. I am forever grateful to ISIS, as she taught me to nurture my whole self including my female-ness, a part of me that had been ignored my whole life.

Naked Yoga With Cindee Rifkin

Naked Yoga With Cindee Rifkin

In 2008 I left my career in finance to pursue a career in Yoga. I immersed myself in it with amazing teachers in New York, Brazil, India and California. In 2009, I taught my first Naked Yoga class in NY, and it was inspiring. I witnessed the students experiencing freedom, and acceptance of their bodies, and letting go of habitual patterns that had kept them stuck. (We all hold “stuff” in the physical body as well as in the mind and the spirit.)

For me, nudism, naturism, nudie-ism (noo-dee-iz-uh’m) are all the same. Whatever we call it, we share a lifestyle of liberation – and I am so proud to be a part of it!

I am proud to sponsor and support YNA, as they are all about the Love. Their nudist community grows exponentially, and more and more young people will find peace with their bodies in a loving environment. I am proud to raffle off a one-hour private Yoga session in my Upper East Side studio, as we all deserve support and nurturing from our friends.

I feel I have been put on the Earth to share my experiences with the world, and I have created a healing practice that will allow you to walk in beauty and move through life with awareness and deeper breathing, as your vitality and strength expand from within.

Yoga is about coming back to our natural state, letting go of the externals of our lives and getting interested in our minds so we can learn to find peace. Our lives are filled with material things in the outside world, and through a consistent Yoga practice we learn to look within for what we need.

There is a Yoga practice for everyone at Naked Spirit Yoga and at Yoga Liberation. Whether your practice be naked or clothed, on a mat or in a chair, in your office or in a studio, in a class or in a private session, it is your birthright to be connected to your spirit. And Yoga is a tool that effectively sustains that connection.
May we all surrender to freedom and celebrate our spirit.

Cindee Rifkin | 917.402.6606 |

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  • Mr-Sandy

    Cindee really is as great as that!

  • Tom long

    Great blog, could not have better said. I started practicing yoga & Thai chi ( nude) of course about a year agonand it has really changed my life. I wish more people would understand the feeling of freedom and liberation that one feels when they can accept them selfs for who they are. Great way to learn to feel GREAT about yourself