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Naked Writing And Poetry – As a River Flows

Guest blog by: Kevin W.

Naked Writing – Sitting by a river on a nice warm day… birds singing their hearts out, squirrels peeking around their tree at you all the while squealing to their buddies about your presence, deer cautiously drinking, and ducks gracefully swimming up and down the river. Leaning back against a tree, gazing at the river, you see a few small boulders, a few larger boulders, and the river water caressing the sides of each boulder.

As a River Flows

As a River Flows

Before the dam is released, you notice pebbles on the river bottom. As the water rises, flowing harder and harder, those pebbles that once lay quietly are now being tossed around, in the current they go, washing down the river. Water on the rise, small boulders starting to disappear, cease in the rise and now a steady flow, larger boulders are looking quite perky

Water flow appearing to increase in speed as its height quickly descends water so low, you gaze upon the river bottom once again. “Hello small boulders, hello pebbles, nice to see you again.” Water flow has now slowed to a crawling pace, relaxing trickle, life is at ease.

Sitting, relaxing, mind wondering and thoughts pondering… yours, mine, everyone’s life resembles the river’s flow. We start out stationary in a womb while slowly make the journey down the river, out to the vast open world. Immediately carried off by an unexpected force, noises, many strange noises, tossed about, things bumping into us, around and around we go, feel pressure and a release, there’s more strange pressure forced upon us, there it stays, oh what, oh what could it be? Slowly your eyes start to open, everything so strange, what oh what is going on? This isn’t familiar! Scare sets in, you burst out screaming and crying. “Whoa where did that come from…me? Yes, yes it did!!”

As a River Flows

As a River Flows

Oh no! Wait, more pressure, you’re on small perky boulder, looking in the distance, there’s another. Wait, what’s happening? Where am I going, up, up, and away, bounced around, back down, ah motionless, calm, relaxed, once again. Wow, things have changed, I wasn’t here before. The small boulders are quite large and perky now. There’s that force again, you’re turning over, face down you go, didn’t see that before, this boulder is pointy… You’re slightly moved, your mouth now being placed on this odd pointy boulder. There’s a trickle of a warm tasty fluid entering your mouth. The trickle is now flowing harder, you feel it going in your mouth, some flowing back out, caressing your cheeks and the boulder as it flows down river. The flow returned to a trickle and now has stopped.

Warm, tasty, comforting, ah!! Time for a nap zzzzzZZZZZ…

Argh!! It’s back again, that pressure, what’s going on, scream, cry, ouch, hey, why am I now on this other pointy boulder? I’m not hungry. Maybe that force thinks my cries are of hunger not fright? Oh well, I’m here, I want to suck on something and that pointy boulder top was pushed into my mouth. Ok, I’ll suck on that. Oh… It’s more tasty warm fluid. Thanks but let me sleep. Eyes beginning to shut, CRY, SCREAM!!! That darn force grabbed and whisked you away; back down again, on top of those… Wait, where did those boulders go? Oh yeah, I remember, this thing I laid on first was covering those boulders. Comfort, rest, relaxation, zzzzzzZZZZZ…

Life may take many wild and crazy turns, be fast paced and slow at times, take time to enjoy as one day life may pass you by.

As you think of or see boulders of various appearances, remember back to when you were this baby. You needed them in order to satisfy your hunger, and you learned to cherish them. You never disrespected the boulders or their origin. You didn’t care what the boulders looked like; their shape, size, and firmness didn’t matter.

Now that you’re not a baby anymore, should those “Boulders” or “Breasts” be disrespected, touched, fondled, or abused in any such way by you? NO!!!! Leave them alone. They are not for you now. They are only there for the next baby who will need them in order to survive.

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