Naked Video : UK Skincare Takes Advertising to a Bare New Level

| March 24, 2011 | 6 Comments

Naked Video – A Company In The UK Uses Naked Advertising Video

Naked Video in the UK bares all:

Naked Video – I recently found this video of a commercial for Elave skincare, a company based in the UK. It would be a totally regular commercial except for the fact that the actors are all fully nude! I researched and verified that this is a real skincare company. This nude video breaks the boundaries of nudity in the media in showing full-frontal nude women and men. However it is a European company, so maybe it isn’t all that surprising. It would’ve been much better if the actors weren’t so airbrushed, good-looking and fit, but that is the norm for nude advertising.

Naked Video

Naked Video : UK Nude Skincare Commercial

The nudity here is clearly meant to grab attention and make the consumer think they will look like the actors by using their products, ie. thin, tall and tanned. However it is still breaking a big taboo in showing taboo parts! Now, I must wonder, how long do you think it will take the people here in the United States of America to be able to post an uncensored video with naked people like this? At least in prime time!

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  • Paul Rapoport

    That this video is about four and a half years old is my guess.

  • Hilarious title! Good work

  • MateuszKasperek1

    Very nice site, I'll come back soon!

  • Anonymous

    Frank- that's very possible. I don't know when it was put up on dailymotion but I caught it on another website that posted it like recent content. It's a UK company so maybe more people in the U.S. are just catching hold of it now, not sure!

  • Frank Zweegers

    Isn't this ad from a few years ago?

  • What a gorgeous video! Extremely sensuous — and a good reminder of how much fun social nudity can be. Thanks for sharing this!