Naked Video Friday – Tableau Vivant

| December 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

Naked Video Friday – “Tableau Vivant” at the Dumbo Arts Festival

This week’s naked video:

Naked Video Friday – “Mini-Tableau #5 took place at power House Arena during the Dumbo Arts Festival on September 25th, 2010. Again, 36 models were directed into implausible interaction. Models followed live direction, as vocalists and violins emerged from within the living picture. The performance featured an original a Cappella score by Sarah Small and Rima Fand, and stage direction by Adam J. Thompson.” They are meant to be “unlikely characters in improbable scenarios” and everyone can take their own artsy pictures/videos during the performance.

“Directly following the performance, a panel of choreographers, curators, and art historians (Jill Sigman, Mashinka Firunts, Danny Snelson, and Natalie Galazka) led a discussion about the contemporary intersection of performance and photography. The panel was moderated by Elizabeth Barragan and was curated by Lindsay Comstock.”

What do you guys think of this?

This blog post is one in a series of Naked Video Friday blogs that were put together by our very own Felicity Jones! Published By Young Naturist and Young Nudists America YNA Lets hope that she will be able to continue posting and sharing naked videos that she finds interesting or note worthy!


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  • Tefanny

    Wow, I have never seen like that , show that has a meaning with expression…on their face..

  • Sandy Kennedy

    WOW ! Mesmerizing.