Naked Video Friday Take 2 – No Pants Subway Ride NYC

| November 26, 2010 | 3 Comments

Naked Video Friday Take 2 Naked In The New York City Subway

Before we get to the naked video, First thing’s first- we’ve started planning our next event- Nude Years Eve!!! Come and celebrate with Young Naturists and Nudists America as we celebrate the new year with our signature Nude Years eve celebrations!

I’m still going to try and keep on sharing naked videos on Fridays!

You may have seen this one going around:

But the naked video was a hoax as they reveal! :( And I had really believed some people had put their bare ass on a NYC subway seat. Maybe it’s better that they didn’t..”It’s not illegal to be completely naked in the NYC subway system.” That can’t be true..I think most people would agree the subway is an example of a good clothing-required situation..Still I guess you gotta admire them for taking off their pants. If nothing else, we can say that it is a good start!

This blog post is one in a series of Naked Video Friday blogs that were put together by our very own Felicity Jones! Published By Young Naturist and Young Nudists America YNA Lets hope that she will be able to continue posting and sharing naked videos that she finds interesting or note worthy!

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  • wiledbillkc

    wow look like fun

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for that info! Good to know, wouldn't have wanted to test it to find out.

  • It would be illegal to have your genitals showing, but it wouldn't be illegal for either men or women to be topless (New York State law).