Event Recap: YNA Upstate NY Naked Retreat

First YNA Upstate NY Event – A Naked Retreat in Ithaca

Our YNA Naked Retreat:

YNA Upstate New York had its first event ever on the weekend of June 29th. It was a Naked Locavore Love Retreat, held at our very own Lively Run Goat Dairy near Ithaca, NY. We enjoyed local wine and cheese, raw vegan and vegetarian cuisine from Sarah Eve Cardell, naked yoga led by Amandev, skinny dipping adventures, a bonfire, and drum circles.

Just about the whole week before and after was rainy and soggy, but for three days of naked bliss Providence shined down on us and gave us all the sunshine we needed to enjoy a fantastic weekend. It was an answer to my prayer! The retreat began unofficially Friday night when several long distance guests arrived early. We spent the evening sharing, caring, and getting to know each other, while Sarah Eve and Eleonora worked hard preparing vegan delights for the weekend.

Hula Hooping at the YNA Upstate NY Naked Retreat

Hula Hooping at the YNA Upstate NY Naked Retreat

Saturday morning, after breakfast, the early guests were treated to meditative yoga by Amandev – naked of course! It was a time of connecting to ourselves, to each other, and to our God or higher power.

By midday, Saturday, all the remaining guests arrived, and we kicked things off with a locavore wine and cheese tasting – all wines and cheeses being produced within 20 minutes drive from Lively Run. There were six wines paired with six cheeses. Wines were from Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery, Hosmer Estate Winery, and Lucas Winery. Cheeses were from Lively Run, Muranda Cheese Company, and Keeley’s Cheese Company. There was watermelon, grapes, and pear to complement them as well.

After the tasting we returned to our large party tent / nude area, and proceeded with a tour of Lively Run farm and cheese making operations. Guests got to see first-hand how local gourmet artisan goat cheese is made (chevre, goat blue, feta, soft ripened moldy cheeses, etc.) and how our goats are cared for. We even took out Snowflake, one of our most cooperative nannies, so anyone who wanted could learn how to milk her by hand. It was funny for both Snowflake and our guests to discover just how hard it really is to hand milk a goat!

After the cheese tasting we were treated to unbelievable raw vegan and vegetarian fare prepared with love by Sarah Eve. Have you ever imagined a delicious, raw vegan chocolate cake? Well you must experience it to believe it! Sarah prepared the tastiest healthy vegan food you could imagine. After our feast, we settled in for fellowship around the bonfire complete with a meditative drum circle led by Sarah. We were challenged to ask for spiritual guidance for ourselves and for each other. There was sharing, caring, and community.

The fellowship continued long into the evening until everyone drifted off to sleep – some pitched tents, some ‘camped’ under the large party tent, some crashed on our living room floor, or in guest beds! In the morning we gradually ascended back to wakefulness, and after a beautiful breakfast with more local treats, we gathered once more for naked meditative yoga led by Amandev. This took place under the branches of a great walnut tree, with a chorus of bird-song, and soothing rays of morning sun penetrating our hearts. It was quiet, peaceful and communal.

After limbering up in mind, body, and spirit we all set off in a caravan of four cars and one motorcycle to go skinny dipping. Our first location was a beautiful pond surrounded by deep woods. When we arrived there were some people there, but when asked if they minded skinny dippers (always ask!) they said they were fine with it. We all peeled off our clothes – 18 of us, and headed for the water (Ok –some of us thought it too cold and stayed on the banks). After a beautiful swim we sat on the grassy, flowery banks and were soon treated to both classical, and oldies rock music on the guitar by Joe, while the girls braided flower wreaths for their hair. I thought I was in a time warp, transported back to the 1960’s! It was surreal and beautiful. Naked and unashamed with flowers, music, love, joy, peace.

After awhile we mobilized again, this time to Taughannock creek and a small waterfall (a mile or more upstream of the famous 215 ft high falls). Again 18 naked hippies – oops, I mean naked locavores, descended into the water. Everyone was thrilled to sit behind the falls and frolic in the pool of water. The time passed too quickly – it was about 5:30 pm, and off we went to an overview where we could see the big falls – Taughannock Falls, tallest falls east of the Mississippi. Many photos were taken before returning to the farm.

It was with a great sense of sadness, yet satisfaction when it all came to an end – just as quickly as it began. The naked locavores vanished into the sunset – back to all the places they came from! There we stood, YNA Upstate NY, alone in our farm driveway, but happy – our first event completed, and oh, it was sweet! Thank you naked locavores! Thank you Sarah Eve and Elenora! Thank you Amandev! Thank you Jordan and Felicity for bringing about this family called Young Naturists America. It’s all about the love.

Please check Sarah out on Facebook or Meetup – she is active in the New York Metro area with all kinds of events centered on healthy food, healing and conscious living. She is a master. Amandev also does yoga and meditation in NYC – learn more at ourinfiniteminds.com.

Cheese tasting with wine, fruit, & Sarah even made vegan cheese! Farm Tour The goats were happy to meet us Horses on the farm Cake made by chef Sarah Eve Cardell for the YNA Upstate NY naked retreat Delicious Goat Cheese Tart made by Sarah Naked Retreat Breakfast Naked Meditation Our Upstate NY Skinny Dipping Pond Young Naturists Skinny Dipping in a Waterfall In Upstate New York YNA Upstate New York skinny dipping near Ithaca for their first event Group photo at Taughannock Falls YNA Nudie Locavores!
Cake made by chef Sarah Eve Cardell for the YNA Upstate NY naked retreat

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We are Steve and Susanne, leaders of the YNA Upstate New York Chapter. We enjoy the freedom, relaxation, and healing power of naturism, and are interested in sharing our experiences with others. Please visit our Facebook page facebook.com/ynaupstateny to get acquainted or join in any of our activities.
  • SalvatoreMonella

    I am in Ithaca now. There’s a skinnydipping event at Potter’s Falls on Weds., July 29th from 9AM-3PM. Hope to see you all there.
    Could you tell me how to get to the pond and spot (mile above Taughannock falls)?

  • btperrydmd

    Sorry we missed the event.  Looked like it was a beautiful gathering.  Next time for sure.

  • Felicity’s Blog

    It really was!

  • James Redman

    That sure sounds like great experience for this time of the year.

    • SteveYnaNY

      @James Redman It was a great event – look for more to come.