Naked Reality Show – Non Nudists Working At Caliente Nudist Resort in Land O’ Lakes Florida

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A Naked Reality Show With a Twist

A Naked Reality Show Spin

Naked Reality Show – There’s a new reality show on the horizon, and it’s a nudist one! The show’s producers are now looking for 7 people completely new to nudism to go live and work various jobs at Caliente Nudist Resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. They are calling it “The Nak’d Truth.”

For one month, these people will have to be nude for the entire time on camera, and producer Harris Salomon says he wants to “explore how clothing relates to interpersonal relationships and status.” All private parts will be blurred. The idea apparently came out of Jersey Shore because Salomon wanted to take it up a notch from that show.

Naked Reality Show Where Non Nudists Work At Caliente Nudist Resort in Land O' Lakes Florida

Naked Reality Show Where Non Nudists Work At Caliente Nudist Resort in Land O’ Lakes Florida

As exciting as this could be for nudists to get some attention and press, there are a few things that bother me about this. First, it’s at Caliente, the “young-person” resort. It is very modern place with a lot of nice facilities, i.e. a gym, several pools, a waterfall, a restaurant and bar, etc. It looks nice for a resort, and it’s certainly enjoyable to many. However, I’ve visited Caliente multiple times, and

A) I haven’t seen that many young 20-somethings there

B) They are notoriously known for their swinger crowds

C) If you want an idea of what kind of atmosphere is there, they have stripper poles in the bar area

D) AANR doesn’t accept them as a legitimate nudist resort.

E) I’ve also personally seen inappropriate behavior of men touching their wives’ breasts in a sexual manner, which is behavior that they try to stop.

Yet everyone knows that for reality shows, what matters is getting viewers, not necessarily depicting reality. At the same time, people can still watch Jersey Shore and think a lot of people from New Jersey are obnoxious guidos / guidettes whose days consist of gym, tanning, and laundry. So, it’s smart for them to choose the charged atmosphere of Caliente for a wild place that will probably make for a popular show. But this may not go so well for the image of naturism and naturists , which these people will represent. And if he really has “Jersey Shore” in mind, and it has any resemblance to it, I’m truly frightened of what’s to come. Caliente has had reality tv there before with Paris Hilton, has anyone seen that? (I missed it, unfortunately.)

In any case, what we can hope is that the people they choose for the show will acclimate well to nudism and represent all of us in a positive way!

**UPDATE: The show now has a website: [Note: This website is now defunct, as the show never took off.]
On November 13th and 14th from 9am to 6pm people can watch the candidates’ videos and vote for who will go on the show!

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