No Real Nudist Dating Websites

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Don’t Get Scammed By “Nudist Dating” Websites

Nudist Dating Site:

As Nudie Lee pointed out in response to a nudist dating question, the internet can help anyone looking for that special person(s), including nudists. There are online dating sites galore, and many couples meet each other this way.

The only caveat for nudists is that there is no real nudist dating site out there. There are a few social networks for nudists, but there are no networks just for nudist dating. Any such website you’ve seen is most likely not what it claims to be.

There is one company that’s been periodically creating the same nudist dating site over and over. They just keep using new domains, such as,,, etc. All of these sites follow the same basic format with a sign-up form and preview photos of supposed “members” available to date.

It looks like a web service appropriately called “Dating Factory” provides the template and allows them to quickly create these new sites.

shady nudist dating site naturist nudism date social network yna

When you see this template, that’s your first sign that you’re probably looking at a scam nudist dating site. (Also, how terrible is that Photoshop job.)

Without signing up for one myself, I’ve tried digging around online for reviews or complaints from people who have joined any of them. I never found anything substantial, other than a complaint from one of their promoters. It seems they operate on some sort of referral program where people get paid by signing up new members. You may have seen their online promoters on social media, who typically use an image of an attractive naked woman. These people create fake Twitter accounts and Facebook profiles just to promote these shady websites. They can also be found spamming the comment sections of other nudist websites and blogs.

I’ve heard a few strange stories here and there from people who’ve tried them, and none were positive. Most likely, the members you’re seeing on their sites are not real. I think the whole point is to get people to buy a membership (I know one person who signed up for $30/month) and that’s how they scam you.

I would love for someone to prove to me that one of these websites is real, but until then, don’t fall for it. Take your money to one of the general, reputable mainstream dating sites, such as OkCupid. You may not find very many self-identified nudists on these sites, but you will find people who are open to nudism / naturism. Or you’ll meet people who have gone skinny dipping with friends or went to naked parties in college. They just don’t call themselves nudists.

Should you write on your dating profile that you’re a nudist? That’s up to you. It could be a turn-off to those with preconceived notions about what a nudist is, and you’d never get the chance to tell them what it’s really about. So you can also wait to tell someone in person on one of your first couple of dates. Nudie Lee also has more nudist dating advice on that.

You can also try one of the nudist social networks, like The Naktiv Nook or TrueNudists, but it can be challenging to find legitimate nudist friends on these networks, let alone potential partners. I’d stick with the mainstream dating sites as far as online dating goes.

But if naked blind dates are your thing, you could always try Dating Naked? ;) They’re currently casting for their 2nd season.

What do you think, readers? Does anyone have an experience to share with a fake nudist dating site? Do you know of any legitimate sites for nudists looking to date?

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  • BrianBattles

    Hi Felicity!
    I owned and operated a nice real nudist dating site myself for 5+ years, from what I could tell, it worked out pretty well for most of the 1000+ users I had. I carefully reviewed the profile every prospective member before approving them, to look for obvious fakes, scammers, swingers, etc. (I won’t mention the URL because I let the domain expire and it’s apparently been taken over by someone who’s turned it into a “placeholder” site with “online dating tips”.)
    It was a lot of work, but I’m an AANR nudist and wanted to run it as a service for my fellow nudists, with making money a sort of secondary concern. I also thought it might be possible for me to meet someone myself via the site, but I never did; there were very few single women from the Northeast who signed up. Plenty were from Florida, California, etc, though…people there made lots of connections! I kept the price pretty low, spent a lot on advertising, and I didn’t make much money for myself! I was very careful to review member profiles and photos (so many are such obvious fakes), and I made it easy for members to report abuse. I also wrote some code that flagged suspicious activity, such as members emailing 25+ other members in a day, or sending messages that contained URLs. (I never once read private member-to-member emails, unless I first wrote to a user and asked permission based on suspicious activity). The most common scam was people who created fake profiles with nude photos of attractive young women in suggestive poses that no real nudist would probably every post, and they would state they were looking for men of any age, etc. They were mainly trying to entice males to visit their pay porno sites, big surprise.
    I gave it up because it was just becoming too time-consuming, and I really couldn’t afford to promote it adequately. If you rely on the main search engines, you’ll get lost in all the clutter from porno and sex sites. Also it was really hard to get an ecommerce processing srvice to handle my subscribers because many of the big ones consider a site that has anything to do with any form of nudisty to be “adult/porn/sex” sites and they won’t accept your merchant account.
    Perhaps someday I’ll start up a new site, but it takes a decent amount of time and money to do it right.

    Windsor, CT

  • Thank you for this comment, that sounds exactly right about what these dating sites are doing!

  • AZNudistCouple Sounds like all of the ones I mentioned!

  • huang000xiaoli You think we’re gonna let you advertise a spammy nudist dating site on an article warning against spammy nudist dating sites? uh-uh.

  • huang000xiaoli

    I’m a nudist for years. I love being nude! I think nudism is just natural and I think it’s horrible that it’s so frowned apoun, hidden, and outlawed in the majority of places. I am always naked when I can be and when I can be is only when I’m alone in my room. My family doesn’t allow it in the rest of the house and the law doesn’t allow it outside. I think it has nothing to do with sex, when nudists want to appear more sexual they change the way they are acting and you view them in a whole different way. Imagine a place where you can Get Away from it all. Relax and Unwind in a Serene Setting and Have Fun! Are you a nudist? I always use online nudist dating site to meet other nudists, how about you? As you may know, it’s hard to meet nudist singles in the bar or club. Join on

  • nudrus

    I met my wife on the nudistfriends, been married six years now. Of course there are many so called nudists on the website. we , that aren’t real nudists

  • Anudist1957

    Unfortunately this article is too late for me. 

    I have been victimized by these sites. I joined one and found that there was only one possible “match” from age 1 to 99 in Arizona. I have since left that site but get emails continually that “xxxxxxxxxx from yyyyyyyyyy” has sent me an email. I have not wanted to date out of the area so I have never contacted any of these.

    On another site, I was also taken in by a possible “match”. We corresponded, or so I thought, but then I started to question her responses as they seemed canned. I found a site about scammers and there she was.

    Just how is a nudist to date? I live in the Phoenix AZ area and you would think that there would be at least a few nudist singles but so far have not found any.

  • DarioWestern

    I have been on Nudist Friends before, and they are very badly run.  There are a number of genuine nudists on that site but they are now in relationships and their profiles are still up there.  In fact one of them no longer wants anything to do with the nudist movement as far as I know.

    OKCupid has also copped a lot of flack for having immature misogynistic guys on it.  Plenty Of Fish is probably the only decent dating website out there and there are nudists subscribed to it as well as discussions about nudism on their forums.

  • AZNudistCouple

    There was a dating site that just got busted for putting fake profiles on their site to lure visitors into becoming paying members.

    Nice article.

  • Buffiteer

    I’ve searched them all. They give you a little info & maybe a few pix. Then they want $ for a premium membership. I was born at night just not last night! When I meet a potential gf I always tell them on or before the 1st date!


    Good article and right on target! is one of the largest ‘parent’ companies for dating sites of all kinds, including ‘nudist’.  It accounts for many if not most of the sort of sites referred to in this article.
    Anyone can become an affiliate by registering a domain and turning it over to them, After that, it works a lot like Amway; the affiliate gets a small commission for each free member that signs up through their page, and much more whenever a sucker pays more.  Plus you can get other people to set up sites and get a cut of all their income.

    Sounds kind of like a pyramid scheme, huh?

    At SuccessfulMatch’s website you’ll find all sorts of dating site category, and if you don’t see what you want, you can start a new one!  Take a look, it’s an eye-opener! (but son’t fall for it)

  • Great advice!  I tried a few of the “nudist” dating sights and just imagine… At public nudist events like beaches, there is the undeniable draw for occasional perv to exploit nudism.  Imagine how many flock to a website where you don’t actually have to go anywhere.  There are very few “true nudists” on “true nudist” websites. – and if there are they aren’t usually the type you’d want to have a relationship with.  I completely 100% concur – if you’re looking for a person to share your life with via online searching, join a normal website and perhaps you will find someone to share your life with.