Breasts – “Thieves Use Breasts to Distract Victim”+ other news

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Watch Out – They got Breasts !

“Outraged villagers protest over open-air sex at nudist beach
Breasts – If you’ve never heard of it Cap d’Agde is a big naturist village in the south of France where its residents can lead a totally naked life. There are grocery stores, banks, restaurants, etc. where all can go nude! But now there’s trouble in paradise- during the high season of tourists there has been a lot of sexual behavior in public, turning the village into an “open-air brothel.” I hope they can clean it up! Read more here

And- bonus read after- here’s an odd, humorous satire about the Cap d’Agde villagers complaining!
Naturism is one of zose zings which, like cupcakes and camping, is very difficult to tolerate once it becomes fashionable.”

“Thieves use breasts to distract victim”
In Paris some good-looking young females took a guy at an ATM by surprise when they bared their breasts to steal his money! See what happens when you cover up breasts? They become as dangerous as GUNS. article here

Last- “The Nak’d Truth” Reality show just finished auditions today at Caliente to find their “strong personalities”+young and fit people for their show and also now has a website!-
Breasts by Young Naturists and Young Nudists America YNA

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