Naked News Roundup: What We’re Reading This Week

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 The Latest Naked News and What We’re Reading This Week

We’re experimenting with a new weekly column at YNA: Naked News Roundup. Here we will present links to the latest stories online about naturism, nudity, body image, events and more. We’ll curate this list based on our favorite stories and what we find most noteworthy.

Some of these articles may be a few weeks old, but that means we still find them worth reading. And then sometimes we find (or rediscover) stories from years ago that are still relevant, so there’s an “Oldie But Goodie” section for those.

I’m including a note with each link that will, at a minimum, tell you what it’s about.

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So without further ado, here’s the naked news we’re reading this week!


– SANNA (South Africa National Naturist Association) got a nice video news report this week about Mpenjati nude beach and the naturist movement in South Africa. Watch the video on Carte Blanche.

– How naturism supports feminism is not discussed frequently enough. The issues of catcalling and sexual objectification are much less of a problem in a true naturist environment. A young, female employee at Bare Oaks Naturist Park talks about how she sees feminism and naturism intersect. The article is a little bit all-over-the-place, but it’s great to see a woman discussing this on a naturist blog. [The Bare Oaks Blog]

– One writer argues that the true absurdity of Steven Gough’s naked ramblings is the huge amount of money wasted in jailing him. (This story gives an overview of Gough’s decade-long naked crusade if you’re not familiar with it.) Gough is currently serving a 2.5 year sentence in prison and is expected to shed his clothes again upon release. [The Daily Mail]

– According to an international study by the U.S. National Sleep Foundation, one in three adults sleep naked. It’s not only comfortable, but beneficial to one’s health. Here’s a scientific look at the benefits of sleeping naked, with new research about how it can reduce your risk of diabetes. [The Daily Mail]

Topfree Equality

The Free The Nipple trailer is out! The IFC movie will premiere in theaters on December 12th in Los Angeles and New York (and will move onto other cities I’m sure). It will also be available on iTunes / video on demand. And yeah, the nipples are censored in this trailer. There’s also an uncensored teaser from April. I guess they had to play by IFC’s rules (and ultimately, the MPAA’s rules).

Body Image

New York Mag asked 57 women to draw their own boobs and write a quick note on how they feel about them. Sort of like a mini, hand-drawn version of Bare Reality. Looks like Laura Dodsworth started a trend!

Naked Yoga

– On December 3rd, Isis Phoenix is starting a women’s naked yoga class in Leominster, Massachusetts. She plans to start a co-ed naked yoga class as well, once she procures a bigger space.

Naked yoga is becoming more and more of a trend! An instructor in Calgary, Canada just added a co-ed naked yoga class to her schedule. [The Huffington Post]

– A woman in London shares her story of trying naked yoga and overcoming her naked fears. [The Huffington Post]


An impressive photo series called “Man & Mortar” features parkour athlete Jason Paul naked and prancing around London’s beautiful architecture. [Mashable]

Northeast Nudie Events

This winter, journey naked into all dimensions with a special edition of Holy Body Worship in NYC. Rev. Goddess Charmaine and Beth Nolan will lead a New Year’s ceremony with naked yoga. Beth Nolan’s event page.

Oldie But Goodie

This 1998 article on naturism and anti-nudity laws is on-point and still a good read. Some of the laws discussed may have changed or were never passed, but there’s no question that we’re still dealing with these types of laws today. And as the author points out, they affect everyone, not just nudists / naturists. [Sorry, this link is currently broken.] (Support the Naturist Action Committee to help curb such oppressive, ridiculous laws!

What did we miss? Share what naked news you’re reading in the comments!

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    mpapai Why would it possibly matter to anyone but YNA how they spend their time? Regardless of whether they are preaching to the choir or not, I for one, am not omniscient of the goings on in the world of nudism/naturism and body acceptance. A roundup column is useful content to draw readers to the site and has the additional benefit of informing the reader of something they may not have been aware of.

  • IsisPhoenix

    Fantastic! Wonderful run down of current events, news stories and naked news archives!

  • rafaelsaraiva

    A law has been sanctioned in Rio de Janeiro that guarantees naturism at the Abricó beach.
    Naturism has always been practiced at the beach in the past 20 years, but now it’s secured by the law:

  • joe_churilla Thank you! Yes it does. :)

  • joe_churilla

    Nice work!  Updates columns like this take more work than it appears to. Thanks!