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The Latest Naked News Brought To You By YNA

It was snowing in New Jersey yesterday, but spring is still coming…right? Right?? At least we have a little sun today. For this week’s stories, we’re talking about our Kickstarter Bodypainting Day success, the naked North Carolina neighbor, #FreetheNipple in Iceland, and more.

Hope everyone has a good Passover, Easter, Good Friday, Caturday, whatever you might celebrate this weekend.


– Reminder: The Sunsport Gardens Young Naturist Fest is coming up in less than 2 weeks! April 10-12th. Hope to see some of you there!

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– Already dreaming of summer days at Gunnison Beach? Groupon has its Seastreak Ferry (transport for people in NYC to the beach) discount deal again with $25 round-trip tickets (normally $45). It ends soon, so don’t delay if you want ’em. [Groupon]

– For our Australian friends about to be losing their nude-friendly weather, here’s a list of nudie things to do in Australia, both outdoors and indoors. [The Guardian]

Naked Stories

– The saga continues with the naked-in-the-doorway neighbor in North Carolina. Now we’ve finally heard from the naked neighbor himself. The man has said he “doesn’t care who sees him” in response to neighbors’ complaints. He also told a reporter that it was a violation of his privacy and “illegal” when neighbors took photos of him in his house and shared them with the media. Well that’s…debatable. The neighbors have asked him to seek “professional help.” Police say they may be able to arrest and charge him if residents get photos of him being naked in his doorway again, and if they can then “establish that he intends for people to see him nude.” The bigger concern here is that this may lead to new legislation for a stronger indecent exposure law in North Carolina. [Huffington Post]

– In a similar story, a man in Tauton, Massachusetts was arrested after an elementary school bus of kids saw him working out naked in his own home. He apparently has a glass front door that allows people to (easily?) see in. He was charged with indecent exposure. His neighbors have defended him saying it was a mistake, and he didn’t intend to be seen. If that’s true, then this is pretty absurd! (But it’s far from being the first time someone got in trouble with the law for being naked in their own home.) [WWLP]

– The Discovery Channel has revealed that they’re doing a spin-off show from Naked and Afraid called Naked and Afraid XL. Instead of survivalists going out in pairs for 21 days together, this will be 12 people all together surviving for 40 days. It sounds like the show Manu mentioned she’d be doing next, in her interview on the Naturist Living Show. [Cinema Blend]

Body Image

– Photographer Jillian Powers is the creator behind the nude photography project, “I woke up like this.” [Tumblr] She photographs women nude just after they wake up (before they’ve done any grooming) and then interviews them about feminism, beauty, sexism and women’s issues. The concept looks similar to, which we mentioned in a previous roundup.

– A mom’s bikini photo went viral after she posted it to social media along with a body-positive message about embracing the “stripes” on her stomach. It’s what her belly looks like after having 3 kids. [NY Daily News]

– The “Body by Derby” project challenges stereotypes of what a female athlete looks like with strong, empowering photos of roller derby players. [Mic]

– A pregnant meteorologist named Kristi Gordon in British Colombia received an anonymous fat-shaming letter mocking her clothing choices and appearance. It was ridiculous and full of spelling errors (you can guess the type of people that sit around writing and sending hate mail to pregnant T.V. meteorologists). But Gordon brought it up on air because the comments still affected her a little bit. Her point was that words do have an effect, even when it comes from an idiot or troll, and people should think about what they say to others, even jokingly. [Yahoo News Canada]

– This blog explains how health and weight are not the same thing and why we need to end fat-shaming. [Adventures of a Jayhawk Mommy]

– Body image issues and eating disorders are tough for everyone, but here’s an article about the particular difficulties that transgender people face. To make improvement, we need to make healthcare inclusive and accessible for trans people and accept all bodies regardless of gender identity or expression. [Everyday Feminism]

Topfree Equality

– After a high school student in Iceland was bullied by a guy for showing her nipple on Twitter, the #FreetheNipple campaign suddenly gained a lot of traction in Iceland as people came to her defense. It inspired more conversation about double standards and sexism in regards to women being topless. Then a member of Parliament got word of it and also posted her own topfree photo of support. She wrote, “This is for feeding babies. Shove that up your patriarchy.” The response wasn’t all-around supportive though. I-D magazine reflects on the backlash and arguments against topfreedom for women. [Iceland Mag; i-D]


– WE MADE IT. We exceeded our Kickstarter goal of $10,000 for Bodypainting Day! 180 amazing backers contributed for an end total of $12,115. Special shout-out to our friends at the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society for their very generous donation at the end. Bodypainting Day is ON! Look out NYC and Amsterdam. Here’s some fresh event coverage already on Thrillist. Many THANKS to all our backers and supporters!

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Our happy, naked victory dance. (Abbi Jacobson, Broad City)


– Bare Oaks had a very successful “Naked at the Gallery” event at THEMUSEUM’s Getting Naked exhibit. Over 100 people showed up for a nude evening at the exhibit, including naturists as well as people who were new to social nudity. CTV news did some short video coverage of the event.


– Instagram is at it again, enforcing its vague community guidelines by just removing shit they don’t like. This time it’s a Sikh poet’s photo of a woman lying in bed with a small, visible red period stain [Jezebel]. This just drummed up another opportunity for people to talk about what a sexist hypocrite Instagram is and why their guidelines are meaningless. The poet herself had some choice words about periods, shame and the over-sexualization of women’s bodies. Instagram gave their usual, ‘Sorry, made a mistake’ blah blah blah. Scout Willis had a nice response to it on Twitter (the poet’s photo on the right):


– Not crazy about the music, but this song, “You Are Beautiful” by Dallas Fresca presents a great message, especially with the music video. It shows lots of happy naked people dancing to the tune of “You are beautiful the way that you are.”

Oldie but Goodie

– Here’s the fascinating story of Taylor Camp, a clothing-optional hippie refugee commune established in 1969 on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It was closed down in 1977 after the state acquired the property and evicted everyone. Former camp resident John Wehrheim took some beautiful photographs there which were later published in a book. [Messy Nessy Chic]

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