Naked News Roundup: Take Back Consent

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Our Pick of the Latest Naked News Stories

Here’s our collection of the latest naked news with stories on naturism, body image, naked art, and more.


– Our naturist friends in South Africa need more signatures on their nude beach petition! If you haven’t already, take a few seconds to sign it to help make Sandy Bay an official naturist beach. Then share it and spread the word!

A nudist bed and breakfast in New Orleans called The Dive Inn just closed up. The owner says he sold the business because he was “too old to run it.” In 2002, the business was struggling, and the owner turned it around by making it clothing-optional. He marketed to nudists, and it became busy and successful again. Unfortunately, the new owners have made it textile. [Gulf Live blog]

– In the fall of 2014, two college journalists wrote a cute story about naturism for AWOL, a magazine for American University. They visited Pine Tree Nudist Resort in Maryland. [American Way of Life Magazine, pg 13 – 15]

– At Grinnell College in Iowa, a group of students just started a new club called Grinnudists [Grinnell College Newspaper]. They provide a clothing-optional space for students to socialize, play games, do homework, etc. As the group expands, they hope to create discussions about bodies and body positivity on campus. On using the “nudist” label, they had this to say:

“We see ourselves as a body positivity thing rather than a nudist club because the term nudist has some weird connotations for some people. It’s not a thing that you have to be naked to do, it’s more about being able to accept various states of undress in yourself and other people,” Cooke said. [Grinnell College Newspaper]

Naked Stories

– Bravo to Danish activist Emma Holten for her “Consent” project. Emma was a victim of revenge porn when some of her private nude photos were shared online. She received an onslaught of slut-shaming messages from strangers. Three years later, she took back her consent with a series of nude photos and a brilliant essay. [BuzzFeed]

– An expat living in Japan tells her story of trying a Japanese onsen for the first time. [xojane]

– Did male senators once make the Senate pool a boys-only club because they wanted to swim naked? [Gawker]

Body Image

– Female politicians may have to put with a lot of scrutiny over their appearance, but when it comes to fat shaming, no gender is exempt. Case in point: New Jersey governor Chris Christie. [The Guardian]

– Last year, Shape magazine did a feature on people who had an enormous amount of weight. But they stirred a bit of controversy when they wouldn’t print a bikini photo from one participant named Brook Birmingham, who’d lost 172 lbs. Brooke had a lot of extra skin around her middle (a common result of weight loss), and Shape requested a more covered-up photo, saying it was editorial policy. Brooke dropped out of the feature. Now, Shape has printed a new bikini photo of her in this month’s issue! This is a big moment, when bodies like hers are so often hidden or Photoshopped. (While commendable, this magazine is not otherwise recommended. It’s generally devoted to diet culture and how to conform to beauty standards.) [NY Daily News]


– Photographer Jackie Dives has a few gorgeous nude (and non-nude) photography series. One is called “Comfort Food” and features naked people eating their favorite comfort food. We also recommend checking out “Poncho” and “Birth,” which features couples through pregnancy and having a home birth.


– This odd Swedish cartoon music video recently went viral for its dancing penises and vaginas. It’s called “Snoppen och snippen,” which are children’s words for penis and vagina. There’s a translation of the lyrics on The Daily Dot, but we’re still not sure we get it… It is cute though.

Oldie but Goodie

Another good piece from The Atlantic: Society has long been obsessed with protecting female modesty, but are men forced to forgo modesty in order to prove their manliness?

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