Naked News Roundup: Origin of the Censorship

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The Latest Naked News Stories: Origin of the Censorship

This week we’re talking about a French man’s crusade against Facebook censorship, plus the new world record of simultaneous skinny-dippers, how great people stood up against fat shaming, and more.


– Naturists in Spokane, Washington are trying to halt an anti-nudity initiative brought by a few mothers. The initiative, which took the form of a petition, is meant to regulate businesses that employ nude servers. It got enough signatures to be considered by the City Council, who voted to have the signatures validated. If it gets through that process, it can appear on the November ballot. Naturists attended the council meeting and pointed out how the initiative is too broadly worded and will have unintended consequences. It also discriminates against women with its rules on just female breasts. [Inlander]

– 790 skinny-dippers in Perth just took the world record for the greatest number of people simultaneously skinny-dipping. This was a “mainstream” event (not organized by naturists) and participants report it as being a very freeing experience. [Perth Now]

– Winter is almost over (we hope) but a student at RIT recently wrote an article about what nudists do in winter. YNA is in it, along with Naturist Rochester (a non-landed club) and others. [Reporter Magazine]

– The Finnish are so dedicated to their sauna culture, they apparently have saunas in every embassy, and there’s a Diplomatic Sauna Society that hosts exclusive naked sauna gatherings for diplomats, journalists and politicians. [The Atlantic]

Body Image

– Here’s a story that will warm your frozen heart – a heavyset man was fat-shamed for dancing at a party, and when the bully posted about it on 4chan, it was picked up by writer Cassandra Fairbanks. With the help of the Internet and a Twitter hashtag, she located the man and is throwing him a big dance party with 1,700 women. They will all dance with him in solidarity against bullying and fat-shaming. [Mic]

– Add some body-positivity to your online reading with these 9 uplifting body-positive blogs. [Mashable]

– Thanks to Anita Sarkeesian, people are much more aware of how video games treat women in sexist, damaging ways. Given how creators so often rely on unoriginal sexist tropes, it’s not surprising to find that popular games are also really guilty of perpetuating awful fat stereotypes and fat prejudice. [Polygon]

fat is not a feeling campaign endangered bodies facebook naked news roundup yna

– The Endangered Bodies “Fat is not a feeling” campaign / petition just successfully got Facebook to remove the “I feel fat” emoticon. The “I feel ugly” emoticon was part of it too, but that one seems to remain. The reasoning behind the campaign is that th emoticons encourage “fat talk” and body shame. The petition got worldwide attention and support with over 15,000 signatures. A new blog post at Endangered Bodies discusses some of the scary harassment and threats they received while doing this campaign! [Daily Mail; EB blog]

Topfree Equality

– Topless laws seem even more ridiculous when you look at them from a transgender person’s point of view. This article was inspired by Chicago ruling that topless laws are okay because “female breasts are considered erogenous in a way that male breasts are not.” Way to be all regressive and sexist, Chicago. [Bustle]

Naked Yoga

– Isis Phoenix chose a winner for her Naked Yoga Challenge: Hontouni Heart. She published an interview with Hontouni about her naked yoga practice and how she’s been affected by it. [Asana Exposed]


– French courts just decided that Facebook can be sued for censoring content in France [Telegraph]. A teacher in France brought on the lawsuit after posting an image of Gustave Courbet’s painting, L’Origine du Monde (The Origin of the World) to Facebook and found the image censored and his account banned. (This is by far not the first time Facebook has censored this painting.)

l'origine du monde facebook censorship france lawsuit naked news roundup yna


The court overruled Facebook’s clause that disputes can only be handled in California. This sounds like a great precedent that could force social networks to relax their censorship policies, but not so fast. A blog at Slate says that it’s a terrible idea:

“But in reality, Thursday’s decision could clear the way for civil libertarian nightmares down the road. European countries generally take a very lenient approach to free speech, granting the government broad powers to censor any expression deemed hateful. Allowing European courts to monitor the online speech hosted by American companies would ultimately result in punishment of unpopular views and chilling of vital expression.” [Slate]


– We’re almost at $4,000 for our Body Painting Day Kickstarter campaign! Help us reach 4k – donate now and share the campaign with your friends!


New technology that can create “highly accurate” 3-D models of the human body will soon allow us to customize clothing and other products to suit our exact measures and needs. It’s expected to affect fashion, design, health, fitness, video games and much more. [NY Daily News]


– This new commercial for the Lammily doll is so great! And weird, but in a good way. If you’re not familiar with Lammily, it’s a body-positive alternative to traditional Barbie. Lammily has a more average shape and size with realistic proportions, and she comes with stickers for adding stretch marks and acne.

The fun commercial shows a sort of animated Lammily as she’s bombarded with media promoting the idea that thin = beautiful, from weight loss ads to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This impacts her own body image in a negative way. But at the end, she goes to the beach and notices that even the thin girls have flaws. So they have dance party celebrating all bodies.

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    FelicityJones You ought to watch the second episode. I don’t think they are doing it for the attention. I think they are doing it because the location is crazy hot & humid. Going nude makes sense. Also, with very limited clothing it makes sense to swim nude.
    At the least, this is a very popular nationally broadcast TV show that prominently featured nudity as the teaser at the end of the season premiere and in the second episode. A mention/story here could bring in some Google searches to YNA.

  • jasenj1 yeah, there has been so much chatter about that, but the stories about it didn’t interest me much. Seems like some are just going naked for the attention or whatever. I saw one idiotic article about it online that was like “I don’t get why people go naked.” Sigh. I’m sure I’ll see more stuff about it but the nudity on there didn’t seem all that compelling.

  • jasenj1

    I’d like to see you guys comment on the nudity in the current season of Survivor. There are a couple of the contestants who are spending time nude.