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In this week’s Naked News Roundup, we’re talking about International No Diet Day, the “naked” art student in Texas, how social media is censoring sex ed, and more.

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– The annual Northeast Naturist Festival in upstate NY is scheduled for July 28 – August 2. Here’s another reminder that now is the time to sign up as a workshop leader to share your skills, knowledge or ideas with the community! Workshops / activities for kids are especially needed. (See link for more info.)

– Remember the movie Act Naturally? Our director friend J.P. and his crew are trying to raise money to finish the sequel! They launched an IndieGoGo campaign a few days ago. If you liked the first movie, throw ’em a couple bucks or more to help make the second?

– Last week a group of naturists gathered for a “Balls to Cancer” photo shoot at 3 Mile Beach in Okanagan, Canada to raise awareness about testicular cancer. [Pentiction Western News]

– May 2 was World Naked Gardening Day, an annual event that takes place on the first Saturday of May. See some people who went outside and gardened naked. [Cosmo]

– ClothesFreeLife is having a “Clothes Free Poetry Contest.” All the entries have been posted and people now have 2 weeks to vote for their favorite.

– Scotland is having its first official “summer nudist camp” event in August, organized by British Naturism. [Scottish Tourist Blog]

Naked Stories

– A university art student in Texas named Monika Rostvold made headlines when she sat on the steps of a public building wearing nothing but flesh-colored pasties and thong for 45 minutes (as naked as the law would allow). She also blindfolded herself and wore headphones. It was an art performance to raise awareness about sexual assault and make a statement about sexual objectification of the female body. She said, “I wanted people to view my body as beauty and power and not a sexual object.” [San Antonio Express News]

Her performance video:

– A family in Squamish, B.C. found themselves getting a visit from police because a neighbor had seen their 4-year-old son naked in their (the family’s) front yard. The kid had just taken off his shorts after a water fight with his sibling. Police reportedly warned there’d be “further action” if he was seen naked outside again. The parents were very upset and said their son was now scared of police. Of course this has now ignited debate about when it’s appropriate for kids to be naked. A parenting expert gave advice on how to talk to kids about covering up in public. [CBC News]

– When one woman found her private nude photos leaked online by her ex-boyfriend – a case of what’s called “revenge porn” (even when images aren’t pornographic) – she came up with a creative, but sadly unsuccessful way to get them taken down. She copyrighted the images of her breasts / body that she herself had taken. However, the photos still remain online. Only 16 states currently have laws that criminalize revenge porn, and the rest need to get with the times ASAP. [Bustle, h/t @BareReality]

– In a previous roundup, we talked about the Rick Owens fashion show where some of his new clothing designs boldly revealed the models’ penises. Now this interesting article discusses “Why the penis is having a moment in men’s fashion.” [The Guardian]


– Why did Facebook ban a trailer ad for a book about Bible stories? The trailer shows images of classical nude female art, all of which should be allowed on the site based on their guidelines. Facebook basically said it was too “adult.” [NCAC]

– We talk a lot about the issue of social media not distinguishing between nudity and porn, but what about sex ed and porn? Many sites like Facebook, Instagram and others are preventing sex educators / organizations from getting health and sex-ed information out to the people who need it. Add this to America’s problem of inadequate sex education and subsequently high rates of unplanned pregnancies and STDs. (Not to mention the birth of trends like labiaplasty due to the fact that educational images of genitals get censored.) [MTV]

Body Image

– Today is International No Diet Day (#NoDietDay). This isn’t a one-day holiday break for dieters. It’s a day to talk about the harmful effects of dieting and consider ways to create a healthier relationship with food. Also, all bodies are good bodies!

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“Shed Your Weight Problem Here” campaign by the NEDIC (National Eating Disorder Information Centre)


– In another response to the Protein World body-shaming fiasco mentioned last week, two young feminists organized an in-person gathering in a London park where women showed up to declare all bodies as beach body ready. [New Statesman]

– May 9 – 16th, there is a free “Adore Your Body” telesummit (online) where a group of body image experts will share advice and techniques on how to accept / love your body. Also for more body love, there’s the Body Love Conference ( coming up in Tucson, AZ on June 6th.

– An owner of a plus-size lingerie boutique shares advice on how plus-size women can become confident and have great self-esteem. [Huffington Post]

– Dove recently came out with yet another commercial focused on whether or not women feel beautiful, and therein lies an issue with its “Real Beauty” campaign – this idea that physical beauty is so important to begin with [Bitch Media]. And on a related note, this article looks at the reasons Dove ads and other “body acceptance” ads are not as empowering as you think. [Everyday Feminism]

– People now have a lot to say when female celebrities get fat-shamed, but do we tend to ignore it when the same thing happens to men? [Yahoo]

Topfree Equality

– Sparked by the recent proposal for Venice Beach, a transgender man offers his insight on the absurdity of laws that criminalize women being topfree in public. [attn:]

– While we’re trying to Free the Nipple, women should also be able to have nipples visible through their bra / shirt and not have to deal with staring or other negative repercussions. [The Guardian]


– Syreeta McFadden examines why female statues barely hint at the presence of a vulva in Greek art, while statues of men display penises in great detail. [The Guardian]


– Here’s a quirky 6 minute short film from last year called Free. The story is about a couple discovering that their friend became a home nudist.

What did we miss? Share what you’re reading in the comments!

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  • GBSmith

    Excellent reporting as usual.  I especially appreciate the link to “Act Supernaturally” and the site to help with funding.  A worthy cause!!

  • j238

    Syreeta McFadden’s piece is a good topic for discussion.  Women complain about the nudity sex ratio in films and art.  On the other hand, when it comes down to actual genitals, vulvas are rarely seen.  Some reasons are relative size and the difficulty of of accurate portrayals.  
    Plenty to think about there.

  • livefyrebob

    The cops in Monika Rostvold’s film make it clear that corporate greed, not nakedness, is the real crime in our society.