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We took a break last week, but Naked News Roundup is back! For some reason, January has seen a lot of news and stories about naked and topfree women, from Miley Cyrus’ bubble bath photo, to censorship of female pubes, to Abbi Jacobson dancing naked in her living room. Or my female bias has taken over. Here are some stories that you may have missed from the last week or two!

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– The Bare Oaks Blog examines the broader implications of the Charlie Hebdo massacre and how it relates to naturism.

– In London, a male naturist is complaining that women can’t be totally naked at the women-only pond in a public park known as Hampstead Heath. They can only go topfree, while men can swim nude at their own pond area. Why this guy thinks the women can’t or won’t speak up for themselves about this if they so desire is beyond me. [Ham & High]

Naked Stories

– One naked men story – The Rick Owens fashion show featured men wearing clothes with peepholes at the crotch area [The Cut]. So a few penises made a brief appearance on the runway. With female nudity having long been a normal thing in fashion, it’s about time we see some male peen! I thought this line from The Cut article was hilarious:

The penises weren’t the point of the show — it was blink-and-you-miss-it — but many editors were cursing themselves afterward for missing them because they were too busy texting. They missed a fashion first.

Body Image / Body Shaming

– Australian photographer Philip Werner is out to end genital shame and demystify the body parts that certain Western societies consider taboo. He’s doing this through a couple of photo series known as 101 Vagina, 101 Breasts and 101 Penis. Each photo is accompanied by a few words, a poem or short story that encapsulates the person’s feelings about their body. 101 Vagina is a complete project with an e-book, while the latter two are now underway. Werner’s website also addresses the terms vulva vs vagina and the labiaplasty phenomenon. [Brisbane Times]

– Everyone’s been talking about another body-positive Australian named Caitlin Stasey. She’s an actress who just launched a beautiful new project where she takes nude photographs of women and interviews them about their experiences and beliefs. Of course there has been backlash, with people judging the participants and saying it’s not feminism. But there’s no question the project is feminist, empowering and important.

– Stasey isn’t the only woman who’s been recently getting attacked for being naked on the internet. Miley Cyrus caused an outcry with a mostly naked photo she posted to Instagram recently. Because it’s 2015, and society still has a problem with women having control over their own bodies and image. Two positive, feminist takes: A Naked Miley Cyrus Sets An Excellent Example [The Daily Beast] and Nude shaming: why do we think we’re better than women who take their clothes off? [Telegraph]

– British singer / songwriter / actress Rita Ora made the news when 400 people complained about her overabundance of cleavage in her interview on BBC’s The One Show. Laura Bates nicely sums up the hypocrisy of the media and how we shame women for having breasts. She says:

“But those who choose to wear clothes they feel confident and happy in may be subject to anger, outrage, or accused of being attention-seekers. The media is disgusted by such showing off, but will, nonetheless, heroically document each bikini moment with astonishing diligence. And though society repeatedly reminds us women’s breasts are there primarily for men’s pleasure and use, if women are assaulted they should realise it’s their own fault for having breasts in the first place and wearing the wrong sort of clothes on them.” [The Guardian]

– A nonprofit called Common Sense Media compiled some body image research into a comprehensive review. Some disturbing stats to remind you of how terrible body image issues have become: “1 in 4 children has engaged in some type of dieting behavior by age 7” and “80% of 10-year-old American girls have been on a diet.” [Mic]


– Add “female pubic hair” to the list of things that Instagram likes to censor. They deleted the account of Asutralian magazine Sticks and Stones because of a photo of two women with visible pubic hair. Although, the photo also had a slightly visible nipple, and we know Instagram believes female breasts are very unsafe (breasts can kill, you know!). Instagram eventually restored their old account with 100,000 followers and gave their usual line about trying to appease a diverse community of users. Just stop, Instagram, no one is falling for your bullshit anymore. [C-Heads Magazine]

Naked Yoga

– Isis Phoenix has started a 30-day Naked Yoga Love & Naked Yoga Photo Contest. She is posting a daily naked yoga selfie with body-positive affirmations, and she invites others to submit their photos as part of a contest. She says, “The goal of the challenge is to celebrate the practice of naked yoga as a gateway to greater self-love.” [Asana Exposed]


– Here is a fascinating look at the history of Japanese free-diving women known as ama.As part of a 2,000-year-old tradition, these fierce women dressed in only loin cloths would dive for fish, seaweed and pearls. [Jezebel]


– If you haven’t watched the glorious comedic series known as Broad City, I highly recommend it. In the season two premiere, Abbi Jacobson takes advantage of some alone time in her apartment to dance around naked to a Lady Gaga song, “Edge of Glory.” Lady Gaga loved it and said, “if only I’d been there to join in the nakedness.” As would be expected, Jacobson’s body is blurred and for all we know, she’s wearing discrete pasties and a thong. But still, it’s a funny scene!

– Comedian and TV show host Chris Hardwick delivered a (mostly) slam-dunk rant on topfree inequality and censorship of female breasts.

What did we miss? Share what you’re reading in the comments!

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    With the quasi-religious football game coming up on Sunday, Feb. 1, I hope it’s timely to ask:
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