Naked News Roundup: Love Me For My Leg Rolls

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The Latest Naked News Brought To You By YNA

TONIGHT! Last call for our body painting discussion event with Andy Golub! Jordan will be interviewing Andy for a live discussion in a NYC theater with body painting 6 – 8pm, discussion 8 – 9pm. We hope to see you there! Also there is just one week left to support our Kickstarter campaign, and we’re just a little over halfway to our goal.

In other news this week, we’re talking about the Malaysian nudist who got of prison and is still a proud nudist, plus the fat-shaming baby onesie, naked art commentary, Bodyfest 2015 and more.


– The B.E.A.C.H.E.S Foundation shared a recap of the Naturist Unity Summit that took place last month with 30 delegates from various naturist organizations. Among the ideas discussed was the concept of an  “industry council-style coalition” which is described as “not a new organization, but a mechanism whereby joint concerns and opportunities for all elements of organized nude recreation can be addressed and acted upon in a concerted manner.” [Beaches Foundation Newsletter]

– British naturists are promoting their annual Nudestock Festival in May at Candy Farm camp. The video on that page is pretty weird, but I think it’s in a good way. [Doncaster free press]

– This article explores the “scientific reasons” that being naked is good for you. [Elite Daily]

– Flashback to the 70’s with this 1974 article extract in the Observer about streaking and its roots as a form of religious protest. [The Guardian]

– Now out of prison, Mr. Albert Yam Kam Hoong expresses regrets over the ruckus he caused last year in Malaysia with his video of the “Nude Sports Games 2014.” The video showed him and his friends body painting each other and dancing. They were all jailed for public obscenity, and Yam was also charged with possession or distribution of pornography. He says, “I have no regrets being a nudist. There’s nothing wrong with it. Only thing I regret is going to Malaysia to do it. In Thailand or Indonesia, we would have no problems at all.” [AsiaOne Singapore News]

– A female journalist visited and wrote about her impressions of Sandpipers Resort in Texas. [The Monitor]

Body Image

– In an emotional video, a courageous body-positive blogger named Matt Diaz revealed his excess skin from major weight loss for the first time. He was afraid of getting negative comments from it and people not liking him anymore, but instead received a ton of support and encouragement. He’d made a personal fundraising campaign to try to raise money for surgery to remove the excess skin, and it was over-funded in 3 days. [The Independent]

– Here is one woman’s well-written story about facing down body image issues from a health condition that makes her look perpetually pregnant. [BuzzFeed]

– Has the phrase, “I hate my thighs” become so common and normal that it’s now a catchphrase to print on baby onesies? As if we need to start projecting body shame talk onto babies. The onesie is no longer for sale because thankfully the one printed with “Love me for my leg rolls” won in a popularity contest.[The Daily Beast]

– As a measure to tackle body image issues and eating disorders, France is now considering a law that will require agency models to have a BMI of 18 or higher. Countries like Israel, Spain and Italy have already passed similar laws. It’s not yet clear whether such laws have affected or will affect the prevalence of eating disorders. Some body image activists are saying legislation should be focused on requiring more body diversity, rather than excluding certain bodies. [The Atlantic]

– On The Moth storytelling podcast, a 41-year-old mother named Jennifer Kohnhorst talks about how she came to accept her body while visiting Ten Thousand Waves, a clothing-optional spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Some of her advice to other women (that I’ve expressed myself as well):

“’Go and be naked with other women. Take your clothes off in the locker room and don’t put a towel around you,’ she says. ‘Those kinds of things can just be liberating in and of themselves.'” [Take Part]

– Your life is a masterpiece and your body is just a paintbrush, or an instrument. “We are encouraged to obsess over our instrument’s SHAPE – but our body’s shape has no effect on its ability to accept and offer love for us.” (Emphasis mine.) [Momastery]

– Substantia Jones, founder of the Adipositivity project, will be giving a talk about activism, size acceptance, body positivity and more at the New School in NYC on April 9. [New School Events]


– Curator of the THEMUSEUM’s “Getting Naked” exhibit Virginia Eichhorn comments on cultural discomfort with nudity and two of the most popular exhibit pieces. [CBC]


– A new promo video came out for Bodyfest, an annual weekend gathering at Lupin Lodge with workshops, music, yoga, dance, games, body painting and more. The event will take place June 5 – 7th. Click here to learn more about it.

– In this over-the-top video styled like a nightclub music video, BuzzFeed looks at male beauty ideals across 12 different countries. Here’s what looks like the equivalent video for women, except it uses one woman’s face and Photoshop to look at different beauty ideals. (Of course the takeaway here is supposed to be that beauty standards change from place to place (and over time) so we shouldn’t feel so much pressure to live up to them.)

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