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Happy [belated] St. Patrick’s Day! We still have fond memories of our St. Patrick’s day party last year (regrettably it did not happen again this year). Hope those who celebrated enjoyed the holiday. Anywho, this week we’re talking about Nick Offerman’s butt on the cover of Esquire magazine, underboob prison in Thailand, a bearded woman’s inspiring anti-bullying campaign and more.

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I rocked a green ‘stache. In Thailand, this photo could send me to prison.


– One of our local Spokane, WA nudie friends has informed us that the anti-nudity initiative there was set aside after the 1,500 petition signatures were declared not valid. Victory! Read a short summary of this initiative in the last roundup.

– What are the actual documented, proven health benefits of naturism? There is unfortunately very little research to prove that naturism is good for your health, but the Naturist Philosopher offers a detailed look at how naturism can reduce stress and therefore improve one’s health. [Naturist Philosopher blog]

– Check out these three gorgeous nude beaches in Ibiza, an island that’s part of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea.

– This account of trying nude figure modeling for the first time is different from others in that the author used to be part of the naturist community. However it seems his parents forced him into it as a teen, and he’s now trying to get past his nudity issues from that. [The Guardian]

Naked Stories

– Police in Georgia recently shot and killed an unarmed naked black man in broad daylight who was believed to be suffering from mental illness. The shooting comes after a few other recent police shootings of other unarmed (or apparently unarmed) black men (not to mention Michael Brown in Ferguson last year), drawing public outcry over police force and racism. [NY Times]

– Families in a neighborhood in Charlotte, NC, are freaking out over a male resident who stands in his doorway naked, sometimes talking on his phone. He’s in view of neighbors, but police say they can’t do anything because he’s still in his own house, on his own property. The nudity law is focused on public nudity. The complaints consist of the usual, “What about the children!” In reports on this story so far, no one seems to know the man’s side of the story, and although he’s been doing this for years, it seems none of the neighbors have actually talked to him about it. [CBS46 News]

– A New Orleans resident named Dillon is petitioning a local recreational club called The Country Club to revert back to their clothing-optional policy. The club went textile last fall after some sexual assault allegations. Oddly, he’s using a very common nudist phrase for a hashtag – #NudeNotLewd – but feels the need to specify himself that he is “not a nudist.” Even though he likes to go to a private club where he can swim and hang out naked in a respectful social setting… [ABC WGNO]

– For the latest issue of Esquire magazine, Chelsea Handler and Nick Offerman recreated the 1968 nude Rolling Stone cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. They’re holding hands and facing away, with butts toward the camera. I think it’s cute. [Daily Mail]

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Photo: Esquire magazine cover with Nick Offerman & Chelsea Handler

– Among all its social issues, like human trafficking, child prostitution and abuse, Thailand has decided that online photos of underboob are an important concern right now. It’s become a criminal offence in Thailand for a woman to post an underboob photo online, in the likes of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj who have apparently started a trend? Such a photo might violate the country’s computer law against “obscene computer data” that’s available to the public. Government officials say these photos are “inappropriate” and can land a woman in prison for up to 5 years. [The Telegraph]

Naked people on bikes invaded Melbourne earlier this month for the World Naked Bike Ride. [BuzzFeed]

Body Image

– Here’s a listicle of 10 celebrities that were fat-shamed and had a great response to it. Though I’m surprised it didn’t include Amy Schumer’s recent, beautiful reaction to being fat-shamed. [Mic]

– Another article from Mic lists some of the commonly-cited benefits of going naked with a nice bit about how it can be empowering.

– A 24-year-old bearded woman named Harnaam Kaur is inspiring people to accept themselves and raising awareness about bullying. Kaur has “excessive hair growth” on her face from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCS) and after being bullied herself, she decided to embrace her beard and start an anti-bullying campaign. Her own short film (at the link) makes a powerful statement. [Irish Examiner]

– There’s thin-shaming and fat-shaming, but no question the latter has much more serious effects. Here’s how thin people and all people can help end fat discrimination and prejudice. [The Body Is Not An Apology]


Facebook just revised its “community standards” to provide slightly more detail on its nudity policy. They continue to claim that they allow “photographs of paintings, sculptures, and other art that depicts nude figures.” (LIES.) They also repeated that they allow female breasts in the context of breastfeeding and mastectomy scars. Basically, they will continue to practice arbitrary censorship, and not much has changed. However, it looks like they’ll be following in the footsteps of Reddit and banning nude / “sensitive” images that have been posted without the subject’s consent. (That’d be great!) [BBC News]


– Just a reminder that next Tuesday night, March 24, is our Nude Body Art Discussion Event: Jordan Interviews Andy Golub! (in Gene Frankel theater, NYC.) Space is limited so hurry now and get your tickets now for $15 each. Any remaining tickets at the door will be $20ea. We also just added a new $5 donation reward to our Kickstarter campaign – less than 2 weeks to go, so donate now and help us reach our goal!!

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– Another opportunity for a naked museum experience, this time in the National Gallery of Australia. Artist Stuart Ringholt has arranged for special naked tours of his artwork, as he has previously done in a Japan exhibition. For once, nudists get the priority invite! – “So it will only be open for nudists and people who are prepared to remove their clothes.” [ABC News]

– This nude photography series, “Gender,” by Thiago Antonucci is an amazing twist on androgyny and gender presentation. [Behance]

Oldie worth a read

– This text gets pretty religious, but the author, Pastor David Hatton, makes a thoughtful argument in favor of Christianity going back to embracing the naked body and teaching body acceptance. He says that the Christianity’s rejection of nakedness has contributed to our culture’s obsession with porn and its objectification of the human body. [Seedbed]

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