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What We’re Reading in Naked News This Week

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– The best people to comment on UK documentary, “The Naked Village,” would be people who are active in the UK nudist scene. Two bloggers have come through for us with reviews and thoughts on the naturist movement. Emma James is a member of the featured club, Spielplatz, and was in the documentary herself. She posted her thoughts on her blog.

And then there’s this thoughtful review by the Nude Weatherman blogger, who also volunteers with British Naturism. Both of them discuss what James calls a “tired rendition” of a naturist club as a decaying retirement home that’s outdated in the 21st century. Nude Weatherman focuses on how BN isn’t doing enough revive naturism, and clubs aren’t being honest about what they actually want.

Naked News Stories

Sixteen things I learned at the naked German spa — This is a cute, tongue-in-cheek list from a newbie perspective. The only thing that’s a bit off is #9. This is a common misconception about nudism that Nudie Lee once covered. For the most part, social nudity or a nude spa isn’t going to cause a decline in one’s sex life that leads to a need for more kink. It’s much more likely that Germans just don’t have as many hang-ups about expressing their sexual desires.

Body Image

– Ragen Chastain runs a great blog called “Dances With Fat.” In a recent post, she addresses body dissatisfaction and being naked. An excerpt:

We have all been force-fed a single idea of what a beautiful naked body is and that idea is a complete and total lie, and we don’t have to continue to believe it.

There will be people who, for whatever reason, cannot appreciate your unique beauty – be you clothed or naked. That is their issue, not yours. It doesn’t make you any less beautiful, it just makes them unworthy of you.

– BuzzFeed posted a review of the most infamous body shaming moments of 2014. It ain’t pretty, but what’s good is the backlash that erupted after many of them. People aren’t tolerating this sort of crap anymore. Here’s to a more body positive 2015!


– As mentioned in a previous NNR, artist Megumi Igarashi was arrested again on obscenity charges earlier this month. Now she’s been indicted on these charges and was put in detention for fear she would destroy evidence. If convicted, she “could face up to two years behind bars and a fine of ¥2.5 million.” Ouch. Her lawyers will continue to plead not guilty. Japan has insane obscenity laws that promote body phobia. Japanese porn can’t even show any genitals (it’s pretty weird). [Japan Times]

– Many social networks not only practice arbitrary censorship, but refuse to recognize certain types of art if it has nudity, or elements of sexuality or eroticism in it. For example, Facebook officially allows nude paintings but not nude photography (watch out if your painting looks like a photograph). Chet Kresniak (Nudiarist) had his nude paintings FB page taken down at least 5 times. (He eventually gave up on having the page.) So how do artists deal with this? Liz Raiss at The Fader asked 6 creatives to share their perspective on social media and censorship, and they were spot on. They also have to re-create accounts, and some are on the 5th or 6th Instagram account. Such patience for a platform that stifles creative expression. Writer Karley Sciortino said,

“It’s so scary when there’s no nuance, where the naked form of the body is treated as pornography. That, to me, feels scary and unsophisticated. I think that we can draw lines between what’s pornography and what isn’t. It’s as if these platforms don’t want to make moral judgments about what’s good or bad, what’s porn or not porn—but they clearly do make these judgments. When they censor female pubic hair or choose not to take down hate speech, those are moral judgments.”


– Is it okay to be naked in front of your kids? And if so, at what age does it stop being okay? There is a plethora of articles, blog posts and experts addressing these questions. The answer is really quite simple, and here’s one article that sums it up. But due to America’s pedophilia paranoia and attachment to body shame, this becomes a divisive issue. Blogger Rita Templeton wrote a wonderful blog post, “Why I want my sons to see me naked,” and her HuffPost Live video interview is embedded in the aforementioned article.

Tomorrow (Monday) at 1pm EST, I (along with Rita and a few others) will be in a 25-minute HuffPost Live segment to discuss the parental nudity question! You can watch it live or stream it later.

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Me as a toddler at Rock Lodge Club


You can see my previous HuffPost Live segment about growing up as a naturist on our YNA in the News page.

– We made a new video about NYC Body Painting Day!

Oldie But Goodies

– Since we’re on the subject of children and parental nudity, here’s an article by Mark Storey that offers a comprehensive overview of studies and literature about it. We also have an article on our site reviewing the pertinent research studies.

What did we miss? Share what you’re reading in the comments!

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