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This week, we have stories about some of the naked April Fool’s jokes that came out last week (we wish they were real!), France’s anti-skinny laws, James Turrell’s naked tours, South Africa’s first official nude beach opening and more. See you all at Sunsport this weekend?


– South Africa’s first official nude beach, Mpenjati Beach, opened this past weekend! Over 100 people turned out to enjoy the beach [Yahoo News]. WCNA Chairman Serge Pavlovic says in his interview below that there was one minor incident, but it was resolved quickly. Otherwise it was a fun first weekend. Get a view of the beach and opening weekend in the video below. It’s nice aside from the very strange computer-animated nude women that pop up around 2:19. I guess the beach scene wasn’t salacious enough so they had to add some fake female models?

Naked Stories

– There were some funny naked April Fool’s jokes last week. The Bold Italic showed us what a naked office environment might look like, and Vancity Buzz gave a convincing article covering a new, more intense version of the Spartan Race, “Naked Heat.” Human Race had a similar idea with introducing a naked triathlon claiming they could get the largest gathering of naked people in the UK. (They wish!) And there was a joke announcement of a “Cheekside Naturist Festival” in Whistler, BC, with an enthusiastic community response (even the “town Mayor” was into it).

– This writer wonders why men in government are all talking about being naked in the congressional gym / pools. Maybe because they know people love to talk about locker room nudity? Especially congressmen and locker room nudity? Whatever the reason, we’d have to agree with the author that we could better use a different sort of government “transparency.” [The Washington Post]

– This is a short but cool interview with the “Naked Bookseller” aka “Sweet Pie” aka Paul Winer. He’s been operating a small bookstore in Quartzsite, AZ, for the last 24 years, but before that he was an outspoken 60’s / 70’s renegade and traveling boogie-woogie naked musician. He says he goes naked because he doesn’t like the feeling of clothes, but the “naked” descriptor might more accurately refer to his past. Photos online show him wearing a variety of penis socks at the bookstore. [Someplace Magazine]

– How do you get people really upset about NSA Surveillance? Apparently you tell them the government is secretly looking at their dick pics, as John Oliver shows on Last Week Tonight. [PC Mag]

– The San Francisco anti-nudity-ban activists reached a settlement on their lawsuit with the city. [Courthouse News]

Body Image

– Instagram now has a community of people using the platform as a tool to help with eating disorder recovery as well as to support others in recovery. [The Atlantic]

– Fat stereotypes hurt everyone, and this woman’s story about her self-love journey makes a nice point about we need to stop being so quick to judge and shame people based on weight and appearance. [Huffington Post]

– France did end up passing the previously mentioned proposal to implement a minimum BMI of 18 for runway models, becoming the 4th nation to do so. It’s supposed to help reduce the occurrence of eating disorders, but this blog asks if it’s the celebrities who sponsor products, and not runway models, who are really the ones inspiring / promoting the super-skinny ideal? [NY Times Blog] France also passed a new law against pro-anorexia websites and content that “provokes people to excessive thinness.” Exactly how they’re going to implement this censorship and why they think it’d be a good idea to jail people with eating disorders are good questions. [The Daily Beast]

– Burlesque performer Lillian Bustle gave a great TED talk on body image and this article sums up the key points from her speech. [Bustle]


– People had fun at James Turrell’s naked art tours at the National Gallery of Australia (which had sold out in one day when tickets went on sale!). One attendee also wrote a colorful account of her naked experience in the tour. [Australian Broadcasting Corporation; The Guardian]

– Photographer Harvey Drouillard has an ongoing project of snapping quick photos of naked people in public places []. He says, “the series is not about nudity – it’s about how oblivious people are to what’s happening around them.” See some of his work at


– Here are 8 instances of Instagram removing certain types of imagery of women’s bodies and body-positive content. [BuzzFeed]

– Madonna also criticized the hypocrisy of Instagram censorship by posting a nearly-nude photo with a black bar across her nipples. [The Independent]


– Dove came out with a new commercial as part of their Real Beauty Campaign. This one is better than their past commercials in my opinion. They asked a few women to write down the negative thoughts they had about themselves. Then they brought the women into a café where they would overhear two actresses repeating those same negative words to each other. And then the outcome is supposed to be that they realize how terrible their thoughts are when spoken out loud to another person as an insult. The take-away message is that we should be kinder to ourselves and talk to ourselves like we would a friend.

But as usual, the participating women were all pretty conventionally attractive. It is still a commercial after all. Would it really hurt them to cast for some more diversity though?

What did we miss? Share what you’re reading in the comments!

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