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The Latest Naked News Brought To You By YNA

After a little break, Naked News Roundup is back! This week, we’re talking about naturists fighting for nude beaches overseas, topfree equality in Venice Beach, the biggest body-shaming PR fail in the UK, and more.

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– The annual Northeast Naturist Festival in upstate NY is scheduled for July 28 – August 2. Now is the time to sign up as a workshop leader to share your skills, knowledge or ideas with the community! Workshops / activities for kids are especially needed. (See link for more info.)

– The Playboy magazine article about YNA and new age nudism entitled, “A New Generation of Nudists Is Rethinking Au Naturel” is now available to read online.

– There’s a new GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to raise money ($30k) for Gobi-Mats at Gunnison Beach. The mats would provide a new walkway on the sand that NPS could put down and remove at the end of each season, just for Gunnison Beach.

– Naturists in Spain are fighting to overturn the ban on nude beaches in a town called Castell-Platja d’Aro. The ban took effect in 2009 and was supposedly an effort to placate families that visit the beach. Naturists contested the ban in the Supreme Court with the argument that it violated the constitution “by infringing on members’ right to freely express their beliefs.” The Supreme Court rejected the appeal last week, ruling that naturism is not an ideology. Naturist leaders plan to pursue their last mode of appeal at the European court of human rights in Strasbourg. [The Guardian]

– Over in St. Petersburg, Russia, nudists are also trying to win back a nude beach called The Dunes, which has had a nude tradition for decades. Since the beach shares the coastline with Finland on the Gulf of Finland, they are taking action and plan to hold a protest with lots of “naked Finns.” [The Moscow Times]

– Nudist park Fraternity Snoqualmie in Washington is rebranding itself and changing its name to “Tiger Mountain Family Nudist Park.” [The Issaquah Press]

Topfree Equality

– The NY Post came out with a ridiculous story about how the topfree body painted women of Times Square are preying on the youth. Two great responses to it have come from Gothamist and Mic, which uses the Naked Cowboy as an example to point out the big double standard between topfree men and women: “NYC’s Topless Women Expose Our Huge Double Standard on Nipples.” [Mic]

– Venice Beach has been getting a lot of attention for a recent proposal to allow topfree sunbathing on the beach. It was introduced by councilwoman Melissa Diner. The resolution passed 12-2, but this only means that the mayor will get an official letter drawing his attention to the issue. It’s said to be unlikely that the law will change, but it is possible. The LA Weekly article talks about how a nudity ban came about in the 70’s and more importantly why topfree equality matters. [LA Weekly]

Time published an article, “Here’s Where It’s Legal For Women To Go Topless in the U.S.” But don’t expect to find any clear rules on the matter. It’s much more complicated than the map drawn up by GoTopless, and this article acknowledges how it is difficult to know where it’s legal or illegal. [Time]

Body Image

– In what is probably the biggest PR fail of 2015 so far, UK company Protein World put out a body-shaming ad campaign and then responded to its critics by insulting and bullying them on social media. In one tweet they said, “We are a nation of sympathizers for fatties.” Women and body-acceptance activists protested the ads by creating the hashtag #eachbodysready and covering the ads with body-positive messages. [BuzzFeed]

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UK Protein World ad written over with body positive message “Everyone is Beach Body Ready!” Photos from Twitter


– Art student Kelsey Higley created a looped animation of 126 Photoshopped images of herself as a way to explore body image and beauty standards. [HelloGiggles]

– “The body is a form of art, it is constantly changing with each moment that passes and we should appreciate it for all that it is and for all that it does for us. We need to go easy on our bodies and be grateful and thank them for keeping us going, despite what we put it through and our many criticisms.” — This article looks at the work of Jade Beall and Jes Baker, two body-positive activists that are celebrating the beauty of all bodies. [Elephant Journal]

– Transgender activist Laverne Cox posed nude for Allure magazine to challenge conventional notions of beauty and inspire other trans women. [Allure]

– Here is a collection of empowering, body-positive artwork and 13 body acceptance Tumblr blogs to follow, via Bustle. (YNA is on Tumblr, too –

– New moms are promoting body acceptance by posting honest photos of themselves on Instagram in a new movement called #TakeBackPostPostpartum. [Today]


– Renowned photographer Sally Mann wrote a moving piece for the NY Times about her life as a parent and artist, with much to say about the controversy she’s had to deal with from photographing naked kids (her own kids). The moral panic and outcry should sound all too familiar to naturists. [NY Times]


Instagram updated its community guidelines to match those of Facebook — breastfeeding and mastectomy photos are officially allowed, and so is nudity in paintings or sculptures. But they don’t want you posting photos of your kids naked in the bathtub (because kids having bodies is the problem, you know). So Instagram guidelines are now slightly less vague than before, but not to worry — they’re still going to continue with the same sexist, arbitrary censorship practices they’ve always had. [CNN]


– When it comes to body-shaming and bullying on social media, no one is exempt. Fitness trainer Cassie Ho has received plenty of negative body-shaming comments, and she decided to make a video that would demonstrate how these words hurt. In the video she Photoshops her body to look the way people tell her she should look. She also posted a much thinner, Photoshopped version of herself to Instagram, and the responses were a mix of body-shaming and people aspiring to achieve her body type. Read the full story at People and see her video below.

Oldie but Goodie

– A courageous writer walked around in public wearing a bizarre-looking body costume with pixelation on the crotch as an experiment for Men’s Health. It was called a “Faux Real Naked Man” costume. This could hardly mimic real public nudity, but he uses it as a starting point to discuss the nudity taboo in our culture in a hilarious way. [Men’s Health, November 2014]

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