Naked News Roundup: Dad Bods & Momshells

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In this week’s Naked News Roundup, we’re talking about naturism in Germany, nakationing, the “Dad Bod” and how Sacramento wants to keep your naked butt off the streets.

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– A German writer at CNN came out with a report on naturism in Germany today as well as a brief history of the movement.

– AANR and Bare Necessities have been appearing in many news articles recently about the booming business of “nakationing.” Sunrise TV in Australia had a positive interview with Jack Gescheidt, founder of the TreeSpirit Project, about nude cruises. And Jack appeared inexplicably topless in the studio, bless him.

– A new book about naturism was just published on May 1st entitled, Au Naturel: Naturism, Nudism, and Tourism in Twentieth-Century France by Stephen L. Harp. Here is an excerpt of a review in an online journal that summarizes what the book is about. [Project Muse]

– Here’s a review of a few naturist places in Croatia, by a first-timer. It’s decent until the writer starts making lame jokes about nudists needing more sunscreen. [Daily Mail]

– The feuding at Three Mile Beach in Penticton, B.C. continues with nudists and Cary Pinkowski who’s now suing six nudists for supposedly trespassing his private property on the waterfront. [CBC News]

– British Naturism is putting together a naked run at Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster to raise money for the park’s Project Polar campaign, which aims to save the endangered polar bear species. [Doncaster Free Press]

Naked Stories

– The city of Sacramento is now trying to address a loophole in their nudity law that allows people to be naked on city streets and sidewalks. On Tuesday, the City Council approved the police request to change the existing law and an ordinance has been proposed. It’s another case of, “What about the children?” and something about not wanting to see butts. But there will be exceptions for children under 10, art performances and public breastfeeding. Bob Morton has already commented on the draconian nature of the ordinance saying it will outlaw not just public nudity, but backyard nudity as well. I’m willing to bet it also includes sexist language outlawing female nipples. [CBS Sacramento; Capradio; Breitbart News]

– Here’s another writer, this time at Thrillist, who wrote about trying naked yoga at Bold & Naked in NYC. It’s a mostly positive, cute story.

Body Image

– Model and body image activist Leyah Shanks posed “nude” for Cosmo (She’s doing this awkward boob-clutching pose. C’mon, Cosmo, if you’re gonna do the must-cover-nipples boob grab thing, do it nice.) Leyah talks about how she helps people develop positive body image.

– The “Dad Bod” has solidified its place in pop culture history with its appearance on The Daily Show. Jon Stewart and the always amazing Kristen Schaal reveal the sexism of the Dad Bod by talking about how society treats Mom Bods. [Salon] Here’s the segment:

– Here are 8 nice tips for raising a self-confident daughter from health coach and author Susan Bodiker. []

– Look at any article about a fat woman embracing her body, and you’re likely to find some of the Internet’s worst vitriol in response to it. Similar to what I just wrote about concern trolling, this article looks at how we can change the narrative around fat bodies to one that will actually lead to better health. [Everyday Feminism]

– In “The Honest Body Project,” mothers get photographs taken with their children and share their body image struggles or triumphs in motherhood. [Huffington Post]

– A new book of photo portraits entitled Woman: Redefined features women who have gone through breast cancer surgery. [The Stir]

– Bustle presents 8 badass body-positive activists to follow.

Topfree Equality

– Elizabeth Plank at Mic did a video news report about topfree equality and Free the Nipple. The article that goes along with it: “Meet the Activist Who Wants Women Everywhere to Free the Nipple.” Watch the video below:


– This article examines how nude women are represented in art and questions whether nudity is still a central part of art. [Telegraph]

– Photographer Sally Mann did an interview on NPR, “Making Art Out Of Bodies: Sally Mann Reflects On Life And Photography.”

– The mainstream media loves controversy involving nudity, students and angry moms. A recent story was blown way out of proportion when a mother of a student at University of California, San Diego expressed her discontent with one of her daughter’s art classes “requiring nudity” for the final. Turns out being naked was not required, and this was fully explained at the start of the course. [Addicting Info]

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  • jasenj1 yeahh such a contrast in cultures! It’s nice to see articles like the one in CNN though. Will hopefully open people up to looking at how other countries / cultures view nudity in a positive way.

  • influence culture wear less I’m thinking NAC will come out with an action alert on this! For what naturists can do to prevent bad legislation from going through.

  • jasenj1

    The comments on the Breitbart article are so depressing. Read the CNN article on Germany and then the Bretbart comments, what a contrast.