Naked News Roundup: Beauty Is All Relative

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Naked News Roundup: For this naked news roundup, we’ve got body image videos galore! And a few body-positive links as well. Check out the latest articles, and then watch a video tracing beauty ideals through history, a vlogger strut her stuff in protest of beauty standards, women reclaiming their bodies and more below.

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From BuzzFeed video: Things Women Are Tired of Hearing About Their Bodies


– A new naturist blogger (?) wrote about why she’s a naturist and how naturism relates to feminism. [Ravishly]

– The Naturist Philosopher discusses one of the most important benefits of naturism / social nudity: body acceptance.

Naked News Stories

– Not too sure why people have thought it’s a good idea to try out public nudity in Cambodia lately. Some tourists decided to get naked in a sacred temple, and a British man was caught riding his motorbike naked through the country. Both instances have resulted in arrests, fines and deportation. Police said the British motorist was “committing pornography” (to be clear, he was only naked, not doing anything sexual). [Malaysia Chronicle & Daily Mail]

– It’s the 2nd anniversary of when the San Francisco nudity ban took effect. The usual protesters staged another public demonstration in the Castro. Some dozen naked men plus Gypsy Taub held up signs and gave speeches. The police let it go on for awhile, then gave them a 5 minute notice to put their clothes on. George Davis, Gypsy and her husband decided to stay naked and were taken into custody. [sfgate]

– Listicles (an article based on a list) abound on the benefits of sleeping naked. Here’s a new one with ‘reasons to sleep naked’ that you may not have seen before. Though if you ask me, #4 is a bit weird, saying it appeals to our caveperson brains. [Newser]

– It was a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, but Mindy Kaling was naked (or made it appear she was naked) in an insurance commercial that aired during the Superbowl. The premise is that she thinks she’s invisible to everyone, so one of the things she does is sunbathe naked in a park. Yay, Mindy! Based on this, I will conclude she is secretly pro-nudie.

Body Image

– Remember the appalling body image statistics from Common Sense Media mentioned in the last roundup? Now CSM has used that research to create a short list of ways that parents can raise body-positive kids, starting at a young age. [HuffPost]

– “Body ideals, like everything else in pop culture, are a trend.” Beauty is all relative. This series of infographics looks at how the female beauty ideal has changed over the last 100 years. [Greatist]


– Because of Facebook’s double standards with nipples, softcore porn is easily disseminated on the network while information about breast health is censored. [HuffPost UK]

– Internet content filters used at libraries are a problem as they liberally block educational material along with the bad stuff. (The YNA website is blocked in the Queens library system and probably in the New York one as well.) A library in Niles, Illinois has gone so far as to implement a new system that will filter content related to “nudism.” Not surprisingly, it’s grouped it with “pornography.” [Journal Online]


– London-based photographer Nadia Lee Cohen is creating a book of stylized nude / semi-nude portraits of 100 women. They’re inspired by cinema and kind of surreal. [feature shoot]


– BuzzFeed had the same idea as Greatist above, only they did it with a fun, stylish video and tried to sum up 3,000 years of beauty ideals. Though as this article notes, it does have a few inaccuracies:

There are bound to be historical inaccuracies in the film that chronicles the evolution of the ideal female body type over 3,000 years (for starters, Marilyn Monroe is said to have been a size 8-10). There is also definitely selective memory at play: they remember the ‘heroin chic’ look of the 90’s, but we also remember the curves of Pam Anderson and Tyra Banks.

– BF seems to be taking on a real feminist bent. In this short video, some women talk about things they are tired of hearing about their bodies. Then they reclaim their bodies with statements like “My body is not up for discussion” and “My body is mine.”

– Feminist vlogger (video + blogger) Kat Lazo decided to celebrate her body and give the finger to beauty standards by dancing in the street naked as if. She’s really in a flesh-colored bikini, but the video is still adorable and fun. On her blog, she talks about the fat shaming she’s dealt with from her family and how gaining weight was actually a sign of her improved emotional state.

– Just discovered this inspirational video by the Jubilee Project that came out a few months ago. They asked 50 people what they would change about their bodies, and spoiler: it gets good when we hear from the youth. But I must say, is it just me or does it look like their casting call was targeted at pretty people? (It is sponsored by a skincare company.)

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