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The Latest Naked News Brought To You By YNA

In this naked news roundup, we’ve got some stories on nude beach controversy, states that haven’t legalized public breastfeeding, and why some people can’t stand to see happy, fat people.


– One of the best ways for a naturist business to succeed is to rank #1 among all similar local businesses, both nude and textile. The clothing-optional Clover Spa & Hotel was ranked as the best hotel in Birmingham, UK on Trivago (hotel comparison site). [Birmingham Mail]

– A look at hiking naked and soaking in clothing-optional hot springs on Orient Land Trust in Colorado. [Active Naturists]

– An unofficial nude beach in South Okanagan, Canada called Three Mile Beach may lose its clothing-optional status because of complaints from nearby residents new to the area. The beach itself is on public land and has been clothing-optional for over 50 years. Local naturists say that residents knew about the nude beach before buying property next to it. Of course the opponents have been making claims of lewd / sexual behavior on the beach. There’s an online petition to save the beach, currently at 843 signatures and wanting at least 1,000. It’s not detailed or well-written, but it’s a good idea to sign and show support! (Even if you don’t live in the area.)

Naked Stories

– Last week, a Boy Scout leader in San Diego took his troop on a hike that went through a nude beach called Black’s Beach. This was all over the news with plenty of drama created by one upset parent. You would think the kids were exposed to nuclear waste, rather than just the sight of naked bodies. The scout leader’s superiors and other parents have stood by him and say the foray onto the nude beach was unintentional and quickly corrected. Regardless of what really happened, it seems pretty clear that no children were harmed by any naked people. [UT San Diego]

– Florida legislature accidentally made it legal for teens to send each other naked pictures. This is likely temporary, but it’s not really clear why this needs to be illegal to begin with. [Slate]

Breastfeeding and Topfree Equality

Breastfeeding in public should already be legal everywhere in the U.S…but it’s not! Virginia just passed a law to make it legal. Now it’s South Dakota and Idaho’s turn, the two remaining states where the law does not protect public breastfeeding. [13 News Now]

– Chelsea Handler has become a real spokesperson for topfree equality. “I don’t understand why nipples are nudity,” she said in an Elle interview. But she also made some problematic comments, like “Yes, no one should show their vagina.” Chelsea, do you not see the contradiction in asking for the right to show your body as you want, while denying others’ right to do the same? Get it together. [Elle]

Body Image

– Plus-size model and body-positive activist Tess Munster recently became the first model of her size (22) to sign with a major agency. This is amazing news. Plus-size agency models are usually at least 5’8″ tall and size 8 – 16. A few years ago, Tess started the campaign / hashtag #effyourbeautystandards to encourage others to accept and see themselves as beautiful at any size. [NY Daily News]

– Some people can’t stand the fact that Tess is a fat, happy fashion model. Her place in the spotlight has draw in its fair share of hateful comments, judgment and criticism. Jes at the Militant Baker examines why people seem to hate happy, fat people so much. One of many good points: “People who love their bodies don’t try to purposefully make other people hate their own.” [The Militant Baker]

– Bryn Mawr University decided it wasn’t doing enough fat shaming of its “fat” students (based on BMI), so they emailed them all and invited them to enter a weight loss program. The students quickly made the college realize their error. [CBS News]

– Here’s an introduction to a few prominent body-positive activists. [Mic]


– A Brief History Of Art Censorship From 1508 To 2014. Funny how we’re still censoring artwork for the same reasons today. [HuffPost]


– THEMUSEUM in Ontario, Canada, will have a new exhibit called “Getting Naked,” opening on March 7. They will be showcasing about a hundred nude works of art from contemporary artists. The museum’s CEO David Marskell says, “This is a rare opportunity to not only see these incredible works of art, but also have a conversation about why Canadian culture shy’s away from nudity.” (Related: Read about stats from a poll gauging how many Canadians actually do get naked.) [570 News]


– In the last roundup, we had “Things Women Are Tired Are of Hearing About Their Bodies.” Now, we get to hear from men! Let’s not forget that people of all genders face body image issues.

Oldie but Goodie

– An awesome body-positive mom talks about how social nudity (in this case, at a Korean spa) opens one’s eyes to how diverse people’s bodies really are. The only issue is her use of the word “nudist,” since a Korean spa is not really a nudist club. [HuffPost]

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  • It turns out the government itself even has a
    full-frontal naked child on their own site:

  • BattleTrek47 Thanks, fixed the typo. I think the other kids will be okay, as the other parents didn’t seem to be all that upset about it. Maybe they’ll even take their kids back to the beach now that they’ve seen it, who knows. Not too sure that Black’s has a real family atmosphere though. In any case it’s the one complaining mom whose kids are probably being indoctrinated with body shame. It’s how a lot of kids are raised unfortunately :/ Hopefully they grow up & realize the body is not as dirty or shameful as their parents taught them.

  • BattleTrek47

    Another typo is that it’s spelled “Troop” and not troupe (as a former Scout I know).  It’s a shame that such a big deal was made out of this.  But I remember at summer camp taking showers in bathing suits which no that I look back made zero sense.  I just hope the hoopla over this doesn’t cause the boys to have issues with nudity later in life since according to one parent it was so wrong.  There is after all that pesky “morally strait” part in the Scout oath.  But maybe, I hope, it has the opposite effect that by seeing nudity in a nonsexual setting (and not on the internet) it might help with their positive development as human beings.

  • GBSmith

    In watching the interview from Huffington Post about the woman who took her daughters to the  Korean spa it was interesting that my wife had made the same comment about how different people’s bodies are.  We were at Lake Bronson summer before last and it was her first time in a large group of nudist and she was amazed at the variety of shapes and sizes she saw.  It was definitely a positive experience for my wife to see people as they are as it was for the woman in the interview and her daughters.

  • jasenj1 Oops, thanks for the correction!

  • Since you wrote about teens sending naked pics, someone
    should point out that in most states this is a big double standard with those
    in charge.  Despite the Supreme Court
    ruling that nonsexual naked photos are legal at any age, people still get in
    trouble for it.  At the same time, companies such as National
    Geographic are filming native tribes with naked kids and no one seems to care.  There’s countless videos and books with naked
    children ranging from Human Planet to Disney’s Prince of Persia.
    After watching “Kids
    for Cash” and reading “Private
    Prisons: The More Americans They Put Behind Bars The More Money They Make” it
    becomes clear that morality isn’t the government’s only motive.

  • jasenj1

    One minor typo. “a Boy Scout leader in San Francisco”. Blacks Beach is in San Diego. It’s quite a drive from SFO to San DIego, so i really doubt the leader was in San Francisco.