Naked In The Military For The First TIme

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Naked In The Army Was My First Experience With Public

How I Got Naked In The Military and For My Country No Less!

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Naked In The Military – A person’s body is maybe the only thing that is truly theirs and not something that most of the world, except for a parent when they were young or a lover sometime later on, is likely to witness in the “all together.”

Being naked for the first time in front of another person can be rather traumatic… depending on how or why it happens, and this is my story:

Joining the Army – Me a 19 Year Old Girl In The 1970’s And Getting Naked In The Military

When I finished high school I joined the army so I could get college funding. I knew there was going to be a physical exam, but I really didn’t know I would have to be totally naked in front of anyone. I had never had to do that before and even though I was 19, I had never been examined like that by a doctor, especially a male doctor!

Military Nudes - Naked In The Military For The First Time

Military Nudes – Naked In The Military For The First Time

I was taken into the exam room and told to get undressed. The doctor didn’t really have good bedside manner either and seemed like he was just in a big hurry to get done, which I guess he probably was since he had to do stuff like this all day. He didn’t really notice that I was nervous, humiliated and scared to death and I doubt he even cared!

Things Get Militarily Physical

The doctor poked and prodded like all doctors do and then decided to do a pelvic exam. This was in the 70s and nowadays the military doesn’t do these humiliating pelvic exams. I was a virgin and it hurt like hell and burned! I didn’t like it at all even though it was over pretty quick and he was dismissing me to get dressed and saying I was finished.

So, my first social nudity experience (if you can call it that) with others was not fun at all and was very embarrassing and painful. I don’t think it made me hate being naked or even turned me off from trying nudism, but it was rather shocking for a girl from a small town who was just trying to join the military to get a college education. I had to get over it because I was going to also have to shower with a bunch of other girls all at once, but that was nothing compared to this!

Nowadays getting naked in front of a doctor is no big deal, but I still sometimes think about that scared teenage girl who didn’t really know what was going on when I joined the army and got completely naked in the military exam.

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    I have to say, it wasn’t so great for a small-town innocent boy back then (a little further back) either, but your experience brings back memories!  ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ has a great induction center scene that may look familiar to you!
    Glad you got over that traumatizing experience created by those who didn’t understand nor care about personal dignity.  As you said (ok, didn’t quite say), they were just doing their job, sending children off to die for corporate profits.
    If you haven’t seen this movie, you should.  Kinda weird out of context now, but some great music and, again, the draft induction part is great!  Whole movie here:

    Ah… a little reefer will help it make more sense…  ;-)