Review of Naked Girls Reading Show in New York City

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Naked Girls Reading – Who Wouldn’t Enjoy A Naked Reading?

Naked Girls Reading In New York City Is Reviewed by YNA

Naked Girls Reading NYC – If you’re looking for some fun nudity christmas spirit-ness, this Thursday December 16th check out “Naked Girls Reading ‘A Christmas Carol'”! From what I’ve read and heard it’s basically a group of burlesque ladies that perform readings of a variety of literature completely nude (no pasties or anything). As far as I know tickets are still available. But I’ll be waiting for Naked Men reading A Christmas Carol.

My friend Sandy sent me a past review he wrote of Naked Girls Reading Science Fiction from last winter. Read on for an interesting and well-written review!

“I went to Naked Girls Reading Science Fiction for various reasons, not necessarily in this order:

1) Sure – went to see the pretty naked girls. (They were indeed pretty and naked.)

2) I have long had a curiosity about the status of nudity in this country, heightened by all the reading I’ve been doing since Serge started with the early 20th Century German writings. So I was wondering what the hell nudity is being used for now.

(The quick answer, in this case, is non-erotic, but still very sexy, “performance art”.) (What’s the sexy/erotic difference? It was unabashedly sexy with a smile and a twinkle in the eye, and therefore not erotic.) (Eroticism takes itself very seriously.)

Naked Girls Reading in New York City Review by YNA

Naked Girls Reading in New York City

3) I’m curious about my own responses to nudity under different circumstances.

nr 3 – my responses. I was very conscious of Parmelee’s utopian dream of a society in which nudity would be completely ordinary – an acceptable costume under all circumstances. With that in mind, last night’s nudity having little or nothing to do with the readings can be interpreted as nudity being simply a chosen costume style.

When I am at Rock Lodge, I view nudity as being completely ordinary. Last night, for the most part, I found it not ordinary at all. Why? Because from the title of the show alone it was presented as a special element, presumed to be sexy, which drew people in although it did not contribute to the reading of science fiction.

As a sub-set to that, my reaction changed depending on accessories. All the girls were bare from crotch to collar bone. Barbara, the librarian, wore nothing at all and I found that to be ordinary and comfortable – as if we were at Rock Lodge.

The others wore differing combinations of stockings, gloves, hats, weird make-up and big jewelry; their nudity was not ordinary at all; I experienced (delightful) discomfort and I was a voyeur. Ordinary theory says that much of today’s clothing heightens sexual awareness by making a point of covering the sexual organs. With the girls last night, other body parts were covered, drawing very sexual attention to the bare crotch-to-collar-bone area.

Picture this: You’re in the front row. The stage is four feet away and is raised four feet. Naked readers stand at a microphone at the front of the stage. Get the sight line? If attention-wanders from science fiction, one can’t help pondering the relative effectiveness of waxing. Really hard not to be a voyeur! (So I didn’t try.)

A very interesting aspect of last night was that the middle-class audience of roughly 50 was about 1/3 ordinary looking women of varying ages, evidencing to me that the times they are a-changin’, that nudity is not such a big deal and is OK as a performance costume when it’s not just a peep-show.

Bottom line: I enjoyed it for multiple reasons, I’m on their email list and I probably will go again (even though their show next month will be Naked Girls Reading Tween Lit…).”

(Mr.) Sandy K.

Thank you Sandy!

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