Nude Gaming Party Video – Did We Fool You Too????

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The secret’s out…We were accomplices in Nude Gaming Party video!

Nude Gaming Party Video Goes Viral

Nude Gaming Party – A little over a week ago, we helped out a marketing agency called Thinkmodo with a viral video they were creating. Why us? Because they were promoting a fake new trend- nude gaming parties! Though many recognized it as creative advertising for Xtendplay, it still created a lot of buzz and fun mystery. (I myself am even in it! ).

After a week of spreading around the internet like wildfire, with over 750,000 views on Youtube, and countless news articles all over the internet, the story behind it was revealed.

Here is a funny article about this viral video project on Cnet.

Nude Gaming Party video nyc

Nude Gaming Party

On another site that polled its readers we learned that 41% said “Yes” when asked if they would attend a nude gaming party! Perhaps this trend will start for real. One might wonder – how many nude friendly gaming are out there? Or better yet – how many gamers are around that already play naked? Is this already a trend and we simply were not aware of it? If so then let us know!

Check out the video below…

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  • carrie88

    The video came out great! While it is a funny concept, it may actually be useful for those who are apprehensive or nervous to attend a nudist party. For a first timer, who may be self-conscious, playing games provides a central point of focus that could alleviate nervousness, and playing games is always a great way to bond. Perhaps this could be part of the next YNA Party!