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Visit A Nude / Naked Beach – What an Eye Opener!

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A Naked Beach Guest Blog – Visit A Nude Beach

Visit A Nude Beach: My first social nudity experience happened when I was 21 years old. A little history about me first: I grew up in a Mid-Western state, in a small town with narrow minds. I was raised on a farm and could not wait to leave and move to a big city.

My college experience began at a University in my home state and then I transferred to a West Coast University when I was 21. I made new friends quickly and was having the time of my life.

One day, one of my new friends invited me to go to the beach with her. Before she arrived at my apartment, I put on my swimsuit and got ready to leave. I’d already been to several beaches already, but not the one she mentioned. She finally arrived to pick me up and we were on our way.

On our way there she asked me why I was wearing my swimsuit. I found this very bizarre since we were going to a beach and you wear swimsuits to a beach, right? But then she mentioned, as if in passing, that we were headed to a nude beach and that bathing suits were not needed.

The rest of the way to the nudist beach was kind of awkward and silent. I was so nervous, she never said anything about it being a nude beach and I had never been to one before. I had no idea what to expect but my mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts and images.

When we pulled up to the beach I knew instantly that she was not messing with me – she had really brought me to a nude beach. Everywhere you looked there were naked people walking up and down the nude beach.

Naked tall people, short people, big people and nude little people. I sat in the car in shock.

Visit A Nude Beach

Visit A Nude Beach and Make Naked Beach Friends

My friend could see the shock in my face and finally said, “Hey, c’mon. There’s a first time for everything.” She opened her door, got out, and started to get undressed. I slowly got of the car, looking around to see if anyone was watching.

I then started to get undressed and paused when I just had my swimsuit left on. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. Finally, I took a deep breath and took off my swimsuit. We then began walking naked towards the nude beach.

I was amazed that people were not gawking at us. No one seem to think we were crazy but I surely did. Turns out I had the situation all wrong. Everyone was at the beach having a good time; skinny dipping and sunbathing naked.

It was nothing out of the ordinary for them. It was an eye opener and in many ways, it was a life changing experience. I was a nervous in the beginning but once I settled in, it all began to feel natural and freeing. I felt as if I left my worries back in the car, along with all my clothes.

Since then, I have frequented that beach, and many other nude beaches with my friend. I have also met many wonderful people and made many new nude friends as well.

I never understood the appeal of nudism or social nudity til that day. I am so appreciative that my friend thought to include me.

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  • paoftwo

    I wonder how many other people realised that at no point in this article do we know the sex of the person writing it.
    Very clever, I read it as a man, a woman could read it as a woman and it wouldn’t make a difference.

  • MitchellBrown2

    I went to a nude beach in the midwest. Its a public nude beach on the Wisconsin River. My friends and I were supposed to be canoeing, not lazing by the river on a nude beach.  The river flooded and, alas, we couldn’t canoe. Since the nearest beach was the nude beach we went. At first we all had our clothes on. After about 30 minutes I realized I felt more awkward with my clothes on, but these were my FRIENDS! People I KNEW! But I thought, to heck with it, I want to go skinny dipping. I want to feel the sun places I hadnt’ felt it since I was a toddler running around my grandparents back yard.  As I began taking my swim trunks off a wave of terror (well, maybe just great fear) swept over me…until I got to my ankles. I took my trunks off. I was naked amongst my friends and amongst complete strangers. There was no more fear; no more trepidation; no shame. There was only a happiness, comfort, contentment. Many of my friends I think noticed and a few joined me. First one, then another and then another. In no time about half of us were naked on the beach and swimming in the river.  It has become a yearly ritual now to stop by the nude beach. In fact, we made camp just upriver to it this year and had a blast.  I will be making a couple (at least) trips next year.

  • pieballdeer

    I have been a nudist for over 50 years .Down below hair free for over 45 years .I WISH I KNOW WHAT MY DR. WAS THINKING .I just like , being free ,clean .