Naked and Divine

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A Naked Poem – Naked and Divine

( By Anon )


Naked Boys Running Into Lake

I am the body,
the body is me,

created by the Divine.

My spirit and body are woven together

making it all one, inseparable.

Out in the wilderness I commune,

stripped from raiment I bathe in nature’s embrace.

The trees are the pillars of the temple,

the sky of blue the ceiling, the clouds tapestries,

the sun the lantern.

Run naked with me,

innocent like little children,

we say goodbye to the working world, goodbye to false pretenses

as we embrace reality without a façade,

if only for a little while.

We’ll swim like dolphins in the water,

all the while enjoying its gentle massage.

We’ll dance all day under the sun

into the night

when the cool glow of the pale moonlight shine its magic upon us.

The wind will sing to the tune of a gentle breeze,

a melody so sweet and soothing,

and we’ll sing with it.

Let’s all laugh together

and run through the trees and into the fields,

cherishing bonds of friendship

as we wash our feet in the running water of brooks and streams.

Brothers and sisters we all are.

In God’s image we are created,

male and female, naked and unashamed.

Of all body shapes, of all sizes,

of every age, from the child to the teen to the young adult to the old and wrinkled,

each one a work of beauty

lovingly created by heavenly hands.

Naked we are all innocent again

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  • nudescribe

    Very well done! I like the imagery of the outdoors as a temple: pillars, ceiling, tapestries, lantern. Thanks for sharing.

  • StuartRyals

    Beautifully written. It captures the spirit and feeling of our natural state in harmony with oourselves, each other and creation. Thanks.