Drama About Naked Airport Body Scanners

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Issues Pertaining to the Naked Airport Body Scanners and Security

Why Are The Naked Airport Body Scanners Causing Such a Stir:

Naked Airport Body Scanners – Last time I went to the airport, I didn’t just do a walk-through at security. I was one of the chosen ones to go into their scanner booth and stand with my arms over my head and legs spread, where a laser patted me down instead of a person. After seeing this bit of news, who knows how much of me they could see on that screen..

The latest technology for airport security are machines “showing clear outlines of passengers’ genitals..” They’re calling them naked body scanners, a new way to make sure passengers aren’t trying to smuggle anything they are not supposed to. Of course we don’t want any weapons getting through, but then again, most people would still want some privacy there.

This machine was recently implemented in Manchester, England, and two Muslim women even missed their flights they paid for because they didn’t want to go through. It’s probably a bit invasive for most, but why don’t they just make nudist flights? No shoes/ belt /coat to take off and no pat-down or scan necessary!

Check out this cartoon from the New Yorker– they have the right idea, eh? Supposedly they had a cartoon on a cover in the 70’s of naked people getting on a plane a midst all the skyjacking scares, but I have yet to locate that.

Naked airport Body Scanners

Naked airport Body Scanners

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  • Red

    I am on a plane for business every week and I have no problem with these types of security steps. A little inconvenience for some peace of mind is a fair trade off. I lost a good friend on one of the 9/11 flights, so this hits close to home. I'll do whatever it takes to make sure I make it home to my kids at the end of a trip.