Casting Call: Women Wanted For Naked Activism Documentary

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Women Wanted For A Student Documentary Project on Naked Activism & Feminism

We were recently contacted by a film student at the New School in NYC who’s working on an interesting new documentary project. She is currently looking for women who engage in naked activism for various feminist issues, to be part of this (and I, Felicity, will be in it). So check out her introduction and casting info below! And please share this with anyone you know who’d be interested.

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Dear Naturist Community!

My name is Nina and I’m a documentary filmmaker from Berlin, Germany. Currently I’m taking part in a film program at The New School in NYC, for which I have to create a 20 minute thesis documentary.

For this documentary project I’m looking for female protagonists!

What is the doc about? The film is going to be about women in NYC, who use their own nudity as a tool to fight for women’s rights, equality, acceptance, diversity, a positive body image and against censorship of the female body (and censorship in general), over-sexualization of the body and discrimination of any sort.

This could be artists, activists, members of the Topfree Movement or anybody else, who raises awareness for feminist standpoints and engages in the above topics through their work or lifestyle.

As I am bound to a relatively strict time limit, shooting would have to start as early as possible. That’s why I’m restricted to women, who live and work in NYC.

If you are interested in being a part of the documentary and think you fit into my criteria I would be more than happy to hear from you!

We are all in the same boat and have to get the message out there as much and often as we can – and stand together as peers. I would be grateful for your help and cooperation!

My contact information:
718 764 7458

Get in touch and we will arrange a meeting to get to know each other! Also, if you know someone else or have people you could put me in touch with, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your support and I’m looking forward to meeting the magic women from this community!


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