My First Social Nude Experience at a Youth Summer Camp Bathhouse

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First Social Nude Experience at a Summer Camp Bathhouse

(a Social Nude Guest Blog)

My first Social Nude situation and being naked in front of a group of other people took place at a communal bathhouse. It was at a summer youth camp, and the shared bathing space made a large job simpler and more practical. It was also my first exposure to exposure.

The bathhouse had a small tub as well as a shower stalls. I wanted to take a shower and not sit around a tub full of naked people just chatting while their stark reality was hanging in plain sight. This was very difficult, as I had arrived in evening, when everyone was cramming into the shower area.

I was young and they were young. I discovered, to my astonishment, that everyone was entirely unafraid to strut around completely naked. As if their birthday suit was like any other outfit.

Social Nude Situation In a public Locker Room Shower

Social Nude Situation In a public Locker Room Shower

Being a minor and unaccustomed to a room full of at least half a dozen other naked boys, I just stood there, horrified by what I saw, in my flip flops and pool shorts. I proceeded to shower with my shorts still on.

An older boy came up to me and informed me this was not a good idea. He explained that the soap would not completely wash off and the end result would be an unpleasant itch or rash.

Still not comfortable, I proceeded to take my shower without removing my shorts. I did my best to shower and wash off all the soap. I improvised by opening my pants enough that the rather forceful shower sprayed against my groin. The older boys laughed at my bashfulness.

While I was ashamed of not being man enough to dance and revel in my nakedness, it was my first step on the long road to emotional maturity.

As for hygiene, it turns out that it is in fact best to shower fully naked. Some soap remained on my bathing suit, and I developed a slight itch as by body dried. I ended up having to go back at midnight and re-bathe while my hanging particles were fully unfurled.Social nudity, for me, at that age, was not as simple as removing my clothes. Though I wish it were!

This guest blog a a first social nude experience while at a youth summer camp was published by Young Naturists and Young Naudists America YNA

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • paoftwo

    My first experience was having to shower after gym in year 7. (Well, to a lesser extent it was getting shorts on having removed my underpants at the start of gym, but everyone was facing the walls for that.)
    My parents were textiles. If my father and I went swimming, even if we were in a private cubicle, he’d wrap a towel around himself and me to undress and dress.
    At 10 I was allowed to go swimming alone, and even if I was in a cubicle I’d wrap a towel around me, but I was looking around me if it was the open plan part.
    That was when I first realised that despite all the differences in sizes and shapes we are all basically the same.
    So when it came time to shower after gym, I dropped my shorts and walked under the jets, happy in the knowledge that I was normal.
    And in changing rooms after that my towel was used to dry me and not hide behind.

  • loganseffin74

    I had a similar experince in the fourth or fifth grade. A friend had his birthday party at a raquetball court and it was quickly esatblished that we would play raquetball, naturally. Before cake and presnets, though, we would shower and use the hot tub. For the last two activities we would of course be nude. I was so nervous! My biggest fear (the obvious one) ddin’t come to pass thankfully.

    I remember it was a huge hot tub, and there were a few adult men in it when we arrived. I saw a spot on the far side that was open. I slipped in then sort of swam over to it coming to rest next to a man who gave me an approving nod. 

    I had already become intersted in nudism having just started to sleep in the nude. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t anxious about it in the end.

  • j238 j238 So, that was voluntary.
    Thanks for the suggestion.  On the other hand, I’d hate to do anything that would make the people who don’t like me happy.

  • j238

    influence culture wear less Don’t want to sound judgmental, but what happened to your testosterone ?

  • briananthonykraemer

    Jordan Blum, thank you for sharing this story. It brings back memories. I hope for a day when everyone is free to simply be himself and herself without such social demands to hide our bodies.