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My First Nudist Blog For YNA

Introductory Nudist Blog: Why YNA?

Nudist Blog – My first memory of having a microwave was at the age of seven, when my mother brought our family’s microwave into my second grade classroom as a way of melting chocolate candy melts so that my class could make candies for the holidays. I can’t really remember not having a microwave to get food cooked quickly.

The invention of the microwave didn’t just cause food to be heated more rapidly, however, it became the name of my generation: the Microwave Generation.

You may be asking what the microwave has to do with my Nudist Blog here on YNA. It has nothing to do with me microwaving nudists- that wouldn’t be “all about the love” at all!- and everything to do with my “Get ‘Er Done” mentality that YNA seems to share with me, a product of this Microwave Generation. To put it succinctly, I don’t wait well.

Roller coasters are fun but I hate waiting in line, my microwave popcorn is yummy but I don’t like waiting the 2 minutes and 30 seconds for it to pop, change within nudism is fantastic but I don’t want to wait years for it to happen. If Burger King can be “My Way Right Away,” why can’t naturism be the same- just add pickles?

Barely M's Nudist Blog

Barely M’s Nudist Blog

In my eyes, much change is needed in nudism as we see the nudist population aging and our nudist venues lacking young people. We need to find ways to bring more young adults into nudism and to update our nudist locations for the higher activity level that young nudists bring with them. Talk of change has occurred for years, but I am not a person of talk: I’m a person of ACTION.

Thus enters YNA, a group in which action occurs. This is a group that I’ve watched for about a year now as they’ve hit the nudist world by storm. Now that I’ve see what YNA is up to with my own eyes, I wholeheartedly desire to be a part of this incredible action-oriented, love-motivated movement. Forget “talking about” and “creating a committee for” increasing young adult participation in nudism- YNA comes up with ideas and just does it.

The events that have been hosted, the mainstream discussion and advertising, and the true outreach that have been undertaken by YNA are all actions that have brought many individuals to their first nude party & event. The love that is shared- because it truly is all about the love, which includes hugs, respect, understanding, volunteering, help, and compassion- is what brings people back for their second event, and beyond.

So why YNA? Because I want to be a part of a live, moving, active group who is truly doing things to promote nudism while maintaining the high standards of integrity that are so much a part of the nudism that I’ve known within the nudist community for nearly nine years.

YNA may mean Young Naturists America for some, but, to me, it also stands for Young, NOW, & Active. And I’m proud to be a part of such a dynamic organization.

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36 year old nudist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, climbing trees, writing, and helping people. Been a nudist since the age of 28 and found it to be a life changing way of living.
  • Ben Jordan

    I am also one of the "older" generation and I really hope that nudism will find some younger followers. Since I became involved in naturism I'm healthy (mentally and spiritually) and to be part of nature is such a blessing. I'm in South-Africa and luckily here we are getting some nice response from the younger people. I hope that this movement of yours will grow. We have to educate people that naturism is not about sexual encounters and swinging. It is about love, respect and the pure enjoyment to be nude.

  • Dave Beeman

    I am 45, and I hope to see more young nudists, I hate the thought of the lifestyle dying out due to lack of interest and participation. I am very open about being a naturist/nudist, and encourage the young men and women I work with to give it a try. I try to stamp out the misconceptions that it is sexual, or that only swingers are nudists. So far I have only had minor success, but at least it hasn't been all negative.

  • Rusty Burton

    I remember when my family got our first Microwave and we heated coca with it, and heated can veggies with for dinner. later after I went to college I learned to cook with the microwave.

  • Love your analogy of the microwave generation haha and also the alternative of what our letters stand for!