Naked Pool Party Was My First Social Nude Experience!

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Naked Pool Swim Party And Socially Nude Story

(Guest Nudie Blog about a nude pool party experience)

A Nude Pool Party and Being Naked at My Friend’s Nudist Pool Party

Naked Pool Party – My first social nudist experience was during my freshman year of college. One of my friends, Tracy was renting a house with some other girls and mentioned to me that she had a pool and that we could use it any time. A few weeks later, she told me that she had become a nudist and that she wanted to invite me to go skinny dipping at her house with 15 other people – both men and women.

I have to say that I was a little scared at first because it seemed strange and so out of the ordinary. She told me that because she was European that she had grown up around nudity and had frequented nude beaches often. She told me that people in the United States accept social nudity in movies or rap videos but when it comes to a “real” naked body, they see it as something wrong, lewd and obscene. But in reality, it is not.


Young College Girls Playing Nude Volleyball At a Naked Pool Party by YNA

Naked Pool Partys Picture

This made me think about an art class that I had taken. We had to draw pictures of nude models and it really did not seem that strange. The model was confident and did not seem bothered by the experience even though the model was the only person naked in the room.

I thought about the pool party for a while and after a few hours, I called Tracy. I was a little apprehensive but I told her that I would go to her naked pool party!

The next few days were filled with anxiety. I wanted to look good for the naked pool party so I went to the gym for a few hours each day. I went tanning, got a haircut and even got a manicure and pedicure. I went back and forth about what to wear to this naked pool party; I know it sounds dumb, but I had no clue how these thing work. Do I go there naked with only a towel? Do I wear clothes there and then get naked? What does one wear to naked pool partys anyway!?!?

I just did not want to looked down upon or made fun of and this was the first naked party of any sort that I will be attending.

Nude Pool Party by YNA

Nude Pool Party Boys and Girls Playing naked Water Volleyball

My mind was racing with thoughts. What would happen if a went there naked and on the way a police officer pulled me over? Therefore, I decided on wearing a bikini with a sarong and placed a towel in my bag for later.

When I showed up, everyone was already naked and swimming around in the pool. They were in the pool, they were naked, and they were in the middle of playing a game of naked volleyball. No one seemed to notice or even care that everyone in attendance was naked.

Tracy came up top me and asked if I wanted to take off my bikini and sarong. Like ripping off a band-aid, I got naked right there and quickly dove into the pool!

Naked Pool Party by YNA

Naked Pool Party – Nudist Girls Jumping Naked in The Pool

It was pretty scary at first. I was naked and surrounded by others who were naked too. But after a few minutes, I felt very relaxed and enjoyed my evening in the nude. The other party goers were very nice to me. When everything was said and done it was a really positive and quite an eye opening experience for me.

Personally, I have some negative body image issues. I struggled with my weight through my early teenage years and was a victim to anorexia. This left me with a lot of negative feelings about my body image.

The whole experience with social nudism left a positive impact on me. Looking back, the experience has had a direct and positive impact on who I am today. I think that I am less judgmental of people. Clothes do not define a person and I like that I am able to be without clothes and still be able to communicate and interact with people.

I have attended a few more of Tracy’s naked pool parties and a handful of just regular nude parties. I now I am at a point where I will happy to go any time she invites me.

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  • Glad to see that young people are getting to experience social nudism. Wish I was exposed to it a lot earlier in my life but happy to live as a full time nudist now

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