Moobies: The Story of Male Breasts or Moobs and Facebook

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Facebook Claims to Likes Moob and Moobies (male breasts) But Not The Boobies

Does Facebook Really Love Moobies?

MoobiesFacebook has crazy censorship policies. As most of you probably know, women’s breasts are outlawed from Facebook’s entire social media platform. That said, male breasts — “Moobies” — are totally acceptable and uncensored. Not only is this hypocritical, but the entire guidelines for censorship are outrageous.

Furthermore, Facebook is creating a higher level of restriction for art. Did you know that Facebook does not consider photography as a valid art form? This is what gives them the right to take down any images. Artistic or pornographic, for Facebook they are no different. We learned this shortly after the New Yorker’s “Nipplegate” incident when they were forced to explain their censorship policy.

why Moobies or Male Breasts Are Still A Problem For Facebook by YNA

Moobies or Male Breasts Are Still A Problem For Facebook!

The nudity ban is generating a lot of critique among users too. Now that Facebook has explained that naked cartoons are completely okay you can feel free to post them. But can you really? Who knows since Facebook removes pretty much anything that gets reported. Thus their censorship policies are not in line with their own guidelines.

If this is not a backwards and insane rule, then I have no idea what is. I can’t help but wonder, what is next? Will Facebook ban all art with nudity?

For now at least, moobies (male breasts) are fair game. I put the Moobies to the test when I created and posted the above moobie picture as my profile picture. So far I am still good with Facebook. Oddly enough, when I posted on Google Plus, my profile got deleted. So perhaps Google is a bit more consistent. I guess there is a silver lining here – Google finds all nipples evil so at least they don’t discriminate!

Where do we go from here? What will be the next type of censor? Perhaps women’s feet and arms will be banned from the walls and news feeds of Facebook? Maybe Facebook will only allow pictures of women in burkas? Or maybe no women with burkas?

It remains to be seen whether the censorship rules will get overturned or remain the same. Only time will tell how Facebook will positively or negatively grow their site. Maybe it is just me, but I just can’t wrap my head around this issue. What is so scary about nudity that it must be torn down from someone’s wall ASAP? What could possibly happen?

Really people! I need your help here!

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • MindyNow

    Talk about inconsistent? I was banned for 30 days for SHARING a photo someone else posted. But wait… it gets better!
    THEY DID NOT REMOVE THE PHOTO! They just banned me for sharing it!
    I’m 3 1/2 weeks into my ban and the photo is still there.
    Check it out for yourself.

  • Paul_Rapoport

    “Will Facebook ban all art with nudity?” It already has done that. Nonetheless, Facebook’s asinine, immature, clueless, arrogant, illogical, contradictory, and hypocritical attempts at infantilizing everyone do not work and cannot work. It has no business trying to be a censor and should leave the choice of what to see to its users. What a concept! Having been in this discussion for nearly six years now, I’ll say no more except to refer those interested to the 400 banned Facebook photos collected at through /photos19.html (skipping over photos8).

  • MoeSmith

    Nude is not lewd nor is it pornography unless you allow yourself to think of it that way and if that is the case then the perversion is within your own mind and you should go seek immediate help so you can learn to seperate nonsexual nudity from sexual nudity/pornography.

  • DanielGiertz

    Do you have topless photos of the men whose moobs are in your collage? I am thinking of posting these to make a point, but then I would need proof that these are moobs. Otherwise there is no point in posting it.