Mira Vista Clothing Optional Tucson Arizon Nudist Resort Review

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Mira Vista: A Naturist Resort Oasis in the Arizona Desert

Guest Blog by: Dave Beeman

Review of Tucson Arizona Nudist Resort Mira Vista

My wife and I were approaching our 23rd wedding anniversary, and we had decided to plan a weekend getaway for the first time in 20 years. We live in New Mexico, which has plenty of places to see and things to do, but we decided to go to Arizona.

I jokingly suggested we go to Mira Vista, thinking my 90% textile wife would never go for it. She asked me, “What is Mira Vista?” I replied, “It’s a clothing-optional resort just outside Tucson, Arizona.” Nothing more was said until after New Year’s, when she dropped a bombshell and said, “Let’s make reservations at Mira Vista”! The rest is history.

mira vista clothing optional resort YNA review

View of the Tucson Arizona desert and hot air balloon, at Mira Vista Nudist Resort

We left New Mexico on the morning of March 15th. It was a 5 hour drive to the resort from our home, mostly via Interstate 10. The nudist resort was easy to find, and we arrived with plenty of daylight left. The receptionist was very warm and friendly. She gave us a very brief rundown of rules and policies, and then guided us on a tour of the facilities.

My first impression of the resort was that it was in a beautiful location with an abundance of desert flora. It also had more than a little old west charm. The “club house” was originally a stage stop for the Butterfield Stage line.

It was built in 1850 and has pretty much been in continuous use in one form or another since then. The current owners, who also own Laguna del Sol outside Sacramento, CA, purchased the Mira Vista property and opened it as a clothing-optional resort in 2006.

Mira Vista resort pool nudist naturist club YNA review

Mira Vista Nudist Resort in Tucson Arizona

There are a total of three pools, and one in ground hot tub. The main pool is kept at a comfortable temperature and is just big enough to get in a few laps. There is a dedicated water volleyball pool, a 96 degree conversation pool, and the hot tub is maintained at a relaxing 106 degrees.

There is a good sized workout room complete with weight machines, and the road around the resort provides a nice half mile loop to run or take a nude hike. The food was excellent, and the prices were in the mid range. We spent the rest of Friday afternoon enjoying the sun and met some very nice people from Canada. That evening, we skipped the karaoke in favor of a dinner in downtown Tucson (people would pay me not to sing).

The next day was going to be a 100% clothes-free day for me, and we got an early start enjoying the sun after breakfast. The resort filled up quickly.

Now, I will say, that while there was a fair mix of gender, and the age demographic varied from 9 to 90, the vast majority were people older than I am at 46. This didn’t surprise me, given the fact that Tucson attracts a large number of snowbirds and retirees.

There was, however, no age discrimination, and I could tell the resort has plenty of regulars. We even treated ourselves to a massage, and I must say, Kristina, the masseuse was excellent, and I could feel the positive power radiating from her hands.

There was a special St. Patrick’s Day dinner and dance. The only negative thing I would say is that they need a bigger lounge, as it was filled to capacity quickly both nights. The dance was a lot of fun, with some very original costume ideas on display.

The view of the stars from the conversation pool later that evening was spectacular and made the perfect end to a great day. There are condos for sale on the resort, and a tour of the condos was offered. Our room was excellent, not the Ritz, but plenty of space with a very nice front patio to sit and enjoy the sounds of the desert while enjoying my morning coffee.

We left the nudist resort Sunday morning very reluctantly. While I won’t say that my wife is now a nudist, I will say she enjoyed herself, and was the one who suggested we make plans to return!

Nudists in Arizona can learn more about Mira Vista on their website at http://www.miravistaresort.com

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