Meadowlark Country House Inn With Clothing Optional Pool

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Review of a Calistoga Napa Valley Inn With A Clothing Optional Pool: Meadowlark Country House

During our travels around northern California, Jordan and I got a chance to visit a charming inn / bed & breakfast in Calistoga called Meadowlark Country House.

We had a GPS and it was easy to find, though driving around the mountains for 20+ minutes in a constant sharp turn was a real trip.

We arrived in the evening and drove right in (no gate that I could recall). We pulled up and parked at a big white house. Even in the sparseness of winter, the grounds were quaint and inviting.

The management left a note for us on the door telling us where to go, as they had to step out for a few minutes. It was right on the main floor so we found it and settled in.

meadowlark country house inn california calistoga clothing optional review

Meadowlark Country House and Clothing Optional Inn and Bed and Breakfast in Calistoga California

At first we were just going to take their simplest room, but I couldn’t resist the whirlpool bathtub! So we paid a little more, and it was totally worth it.

The room (suite #5) was ample sized, clean and well-furnished. There were small couches and coffee table and behind that our queen size bed. A fireplace was situated in the corner, flanked by bookshelves.

There were also some books piled on the tables, about art, architecture, photography, travel. I imagined the owners must be cultured and well-read.

meadowlark country house room calistoga california review

Our room at Meadowlark (after we slept in it)

One of the first things we also noticed was a bowl of mini chocolate candies and two soft bath robes hanging in the bathroom for our use. I thought, chocolate AND bath robes provided? I’m sold!

Meadowlark Country House Suite Fireplace review yna

Our own fireplace

French doors looked out onto our own little terrace. It was too chilly to sit outside though.

Meadowlark clothing optional bed and breakfast Country House Room Terrace calistoga review yna

Our room’s terrace at Meadowlark clothing optional bed and breakfast

Soon, one of the owners, Richard, came back and greeted us. He showed us how to use the electric fireplace with its remote and control the temperature. I loved having our own fireplace too. It added so much coziness and ambiance.

We chatted with Richard for a while as he gave us a tour of the facilities. They had a large mineral-water pool, hot tub and sauna, all enclosed within a gate. This is essentially the clothing-optional area. The pool was closed for the season.

Hot Tub at Meadowlark Country House review calistoga clothing optional review yna

Hot Tub at Meadowlark Inn

That night I went to try out the hot tub, by myself. It was softly lit, and the decorative flowers added elegance. The whole place was quiet and peaceful. I had it all to myself, which I didn’t mind at all.

pool Meadowlark Country House calistoga review yna clothing optional

pool Meadowlark Country House Inn Calistoga

The next morning we awoke at our leisure and went out in our bathrobes in search of coffee. We wandered into the living room which had its own fireplace, couches and a lot more books.

One of the staff helped us to coffee; then we got comfortable on one of the couches to peruse a few books until breakfast was ready.

We were called in and sat down with the owners, along with another couple staying there. We had a delicious home-cooked meal of eggs Benedict, fruit, cereal, and juice. They try to use all organic local ingredients in their cooking too, including from their own garden, and free range eggs.

Here we met the other owner, Kurt, an affable German guy. So we chatted more with both of them about the inn and about naturism in general. On their website, I’d noticed they made it a point to say they were inclusive and LGBT friendly.

Kurt elaborated on his philosophy of welcoming all good people, regardless of what they look like or who they love. We were definitely in good company.

Morning Wood at Meadowlark Country House clothing optional inn calistoga california review

Obviously they have a sense of humor too! Gives new meaning to “morning wood”

For things to do, this is Napa Valley wine country so of course there are many wineries you can visit. Richard and Kurt are happy to make recommendations on the best places to go. We made a stop at the petrified forest tourist trap. There isn’t much to see there, but we still enjoyed it.

MCH is actually ranked #1 on TripAdvisor for Calistoga bed and breakfast and has rave reviews. With its beautiful country surroundings, cozy accommodations and delightful hosts, I’d say this rating is very well-deserved!

Learn more about Meadowlark Country House on their website:

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