Lupin Lodge Owner Glyn Stout Passes Away At Age 77

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Glyn Stout, 1938 – 2015, Owner Emeritus of Lupin Lodge Nudist Resort

On Thursday, November 12, we received an email from Lupin Lodge that its longtime owner Glyn Stout had passed away suddenly that morning from an aortic aneurism. Glyn was 77 years young. He was a good friend of SCNA and had hosted our occasional club visits to his park. Lupin also hosted numerous Western Gatherings for The Naturist Society in recent decades, and before that, he also hosted meetings and festivals for the AANR Western Region.

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Glyn Stout, 1938 – 2015


Most people are unaware that Stout was born in Amarillo, Texas. He graduated from Yale University in 1960 and received his MBA from Stanford in 1967.

Between these years he served in the Navy during the Vietnam War as a communications and navigation officer. He and his first wife moved to Santa Clara in 1967 where they soon discovered the joys of social naturism at nearby Lupin Lodge. Glyn never left, forming a partnership in 1977 with fellow member Laura Boswell to operate a lease on the property. He bought out Boswell’s share in 1983, which is when he took over the day-to-day operations of the club. Glyn exercised his purchase option with the owners in 1990.

Just before that, in late 1989, Lupin suffered near catastrophic damage from the 8.1 magnitude Loma Prieta earthquake, whose epicenter was only 10 miles away. This is the same earthquake that leveled Santa Cruz and devastated the city of San Francisco 100 miles to the north. Glyn used the federal funds available from the quake as an opportunity to rebuild all the old buildings, some of which had been there since the club’s opening in 1936. He relocated the clubhouse and restaurant up the hill to where they are today. The upper pool area was also redesigned with new restrooms, an expanded tennis court, and a sun deck above the pool. Club membership grew and Lupin prospered.

Glyn was also instrumental in the formation of the Trade Association for Nude Recreation (TANR), which promoted good business management skills to the owners of nudist clubs across the country.

Glyn married Lori Kay in 2001. She was an accomplished artist and sculptor, and her work may be seen throughout the Lupin grounds today. Soon after, she gave Glyn a beautiful pair of twin girls, Simone and Samara.

During the last decade, Glyn survived several major health crises, so Glyn decided to retire from active management of the club to spend more time with his new family. In 2006, Glyn gave operational control of Lupin to Lori Kay.

Ironically, the winter issue of Nude & Natural (N) Magazine (#35.1) published a nice two-page biography about Glyn just the day before his death.

According to the N Magazine article, Glyn had decided what he really wanted out of life was to be “rich, anonymous, and free.” His definition of “rich,” however, was not money or possessions but “the richness of love for his family and the beautiful surroundings of Lupin.”

Lupin has survived 80 years of fires, earthquakes, battles over water rights, a con man, and employee lawsuits. Time will tell how well the park survives the loss of its spiritual leader.

A memorial service is planned for December 5, 2015 at Lupin. Please RSVP to (408) 353-9200 if you wish to attend.

Glyn is survived by his sister Joanne Stone Lam of Austin. TX, wife, LoriKay, and twin daughters, Simone and Samara.

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