Autumnal Equinox Festival With The Lupin Lodge Community

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My Weekend at Lupin Lodge: A Place of Beauty & Generosity

A few weeks ago, I was privileged enough to be invited Lupin Lodge in Los Gatos, California – which lies between San Jose and Santa Clarita in Northern California. I, along with a guest, JP Riley, were initially invited to spend Lupin Lodge’s Autumnal Equinox Festival with them and to stay in one of their yurts.

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On my way in to check into Lupin Lodge, just before entirely inside the grounds, so not entirely disrobed just yet.


As luck would have it, one of our very close friends and one of the Executive Producers of both Act Naturally, and Act Super Naturally, was going to be coming to help us do some editing and post-production work on the latter film. So I wrote to Cindy (the event programmer at Lupin who invited me in the first place) about our extra guest, and she ensured that we’d be upgraded to a cabin so that the three of us could all enjoy the festival. The staff, management, and majority of members were welcoming and absolutely delightful, wonderful people.

Since last November, Lupin Lodge has faced its own set of challenges: one of the owners passed away and they have been struggling to gain their footing again as to distribution of work and management ever since. These are all completely understandable obstacles as the microcosm and family that is Lupin Lodge mourns the loss of their former leader and tries to weather out the transition.

As most of us in the naturist community know, these transitions are often difficult and rocky. Lupin Lodge just celebrated its 81st Anniversary in August, having been passed down through the same family, and they are still doing their utmost to make sure that their resort is inviting and a beautiful, lovely destination. Lupin Lodge maintains its beautiful grounds and utter charm despite the setbacks it may be facing.

lupin lodge naturist resort cabin nudist club california yna

The view from our cabin of one of the other charming cabins and a small portion of the lovely grounds at Lupin Lodge.


There were some bumps in the programming, one of which ended in JP and myself showing the movie Act Naturally as the ending event of the night along with their S’mores bar and Caramel Apple Bar. We were astonished to see find out how many people had never heard of Act Naturally at Lupin Lodge, though of course there were a few. As we are now finishing up its sequel, it was beneficial to both of us and entertaining for guests of the Autumnal Equinox Festival.

I didn’t expect to end the evening completely drained after running around meeting various members, staff, and guests at Lupin. But, I was dead tired, which is the result of a long day in the sun marching back and forth from the Rosewood Cabin and simply enjoying the festival.

Originally, I was simply going to write about the Autumnal Equinox Festival and what a pleasure it was to attend. Despite some of the communication errors and glitches, overall, it was a pure delight. However, after the fires out by Santa Clarita and San Jose, I wanted to commend them on their reaction to the disaster in their area.

Proving the integrity, graciousness, and beauty of both the grounds and the people of Lupin Lodge, they opened up their gates to those in the community who had been evacuated without a place to go and to those who lost their homes. This is not something you see often in this world: a community and privately owned business reaching out to those in need simply because it is the right thing to do. They prove themselves not just to be naturists, but humanists.

While the Autumnal Equinox Festival was a fun-filled weekend, I want to commend Lupin Lodge on depth of their commitment to their community and those suffering in close proximity to their grounds, regardless of whether or not they are members, naturists, or not. It is this type of beautiful gesture that truly warms my heart and is rarely demonstrated by the population at large. So, thank you Lupin Lodge staff, board, and members for being truly kind souls and generous spirits. You give naturists a good name.

Editor’s note: Last year (2015), Lupin Lodge also offered lodging to the displaced residents of Harbin Hot Springs when a big wildfire destroyed the grounds, and they’ve done the same during the 1985 Lexington Fire and 1989 earthquake.

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