The Legit Naked Protesters

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Naked Protesters – The Legitimate Ones!

Naked Protesters

In my last post I started to discuss naked protesting and also how some are actually not truly naked, such as PETA’s protests. Well they should really consider taking it to the next level, they’d get more attention for their cause! Now, here are some protesters who go legitimately naked:

The World Naked Bike Ride

A really cool naked event where hundreds of people ride a bike naked through the streets all over the world to promote awareness of oil dependency. They state they ride bikes naked “To celebrate cycling and the human body. The ride demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and is a protest against oil dependency.” Awesome! Start one or join one in your area in June when the northern hemisphere heats up again!

Legit Naked Protesters

San Francisco Nudity Ban

Answers to all your questions about it:

Hedonist International

There are many more out there, but I’m also going to mention a recent German group called Hedonist International. These people get naked “to protest the rising cost of rents in Berlin”. They first make appointments to see places with very high rent..”then at some point during the viewing they put on masks, strip naked and have an impromptu dance party.” Sounds like fun! I wonder if it’s been effective..Article & Picture Here.

Young Naturists America

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  • agde

    I was just thinking that sometimes protests with "partial nudity" help people get used to the idea of innocent nudity. And also that its often possible to intertwine a "protest" with regular events, rather than waiting for a major rally. For instance, you know that inevitable group of shirtless guys at sports events with a painted slogan like "Go Gators" across their chests? ( Why not some female fans mixed in? If its ok for the men, its ok for the women! Just a cheerful way to make a "protest" point about double standards, and demo innocent nudity, while cheering on the home team! I'm personally a fan of relentless mini-protests that add a clothes-free dimension to mainstream activities, rather than infrequent staged events or mega-protests. Still, piggybacking on a major legit cause is indeed a good strategy to promote naturism and is always fun, especially if it is followed by party. :)