Event Recap: YNA July Weekend at Juniper Woods and Woodstock

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Recap of Our Camping and Skinny Dipping Weekend in Upstate NY

At the end of July, we had organized a YNA weekend trip to Juniper Woods in upstate New York. We’d planned to use Juniper as our home base to camp out and enjoy their facilities. On Saturday and Sunday we’d make day trips to a few beautiful skinny dipping areas.

Well things didn’t quite go as planned. But we’ll get to that. It all started off great. YNA’ers started arriving at Juniper on Friday, and we set up our tent city at the back of their grassy field.

juniper woods nudist park skinny dipping upstate new york yna

On Saturday, more people showed up in the morning. We had breakfast at the club’s snack bar and swam in the pool.

Then it was time to head out to our first skinny dipping destination in Woodstock, NY. We all piled into as few cars as possible. There’d be limited parking at this spot, so we all needed to fit.

It was a hot and kind of muggy day. The skies were a bit overcast in Woodstock, but the sun came out periodically and that was more than enough.

When Jordan and I went to Woodstock back in June, we’d just about given up on finding a good place to skinny dip there. Then a friendly local naturist had heard about our disappointing luck and contacted us. He told us about a great spot along a stream that’s unofficial and not listed online (for several reasons, we won’t be releasing its whereabouts, either!).

So that’s where we took the group that Saturday. There was little chance of anyone stumbling upon us, but we decided to put up this very official, legitimate warning sign on a tree when we got there. So from now on, this is how you designate an official skinny dipping spot in the woods!

skinny dipping nude sunbathers sign upstate new york yna

This stream is a shallow body of water with plenty rocks that break up the flow. But there’s a bit of a small pool at this particular spot with water deep enough to reach your neck if you sit down.

The water temperature wasn’t as frigid as the Mohonk Preserve. It felt quite nice to wade into.

We spent a couple of hours there, enjoying the sun and scenery, chatting with new and old friends and cooling off in the water.

skinny dipping woodstock upstate new york group photo nude swimming yna

skinny dipping woodstock upstate new york yna

Then it was time to move on to more adventures. We almost visited a different skinny dipping place nearby on a river that our friend also told us about. However we had some trouble relocating it, and there were some ominous clouds looming ahead of us. So we decided to scratch that idea.

I’d been watching the forecast all day and hoping the rain would hold off for us. But it looked like it was definitely going to be a rainy night that would continue through Sunday.

After having a late lunch in the town of Woodstock, we returned to Juniper. It was still nice enough out for us to do an impromptu throwing of holi powder on the lawn!

juniper woods nudist park upstate new york skinny dipping group photo yna

YNA group holi powder photo at Juniper Woods

juniper woods nudist park upstate new york skinny dipping group photo yna

Then later that evening, the rain began. It poured all night long and tested the seams of our tents. On Sunday it continued and only let up to a light drizzle at times, never stopping completely.

The group still made the most of it. We managed to hang out around a camp fire Saturday night with the trees providing some reprieve. For dinner we had pizza delivered and hung out in the pavilion and club house. Sunday morning we went in the conversation pool while the rain washed over us.

Much of Upstate New York has been going through a drought this summer, so this rain was definitely needed. It just came at the wrong time! Our weekend ended early, and we had to cancel our day trip to Stony Kill Falls and the Mohonk Preserve.

The good news is, we have scheduled another weekend gathering at Juniper Woods from August 26-28th. We’ll start camping Friday night and have some fun at Juniper on Saturday (planned activities TBA).

juniper woods nudist park stony kill falls upstate new york young naturists gathering yna

On Sunday, we will make a day trip to Stony Kill Falls. The falls are in Minnewaska State Park, in the New Paltz area. There’s a 90 ft waterfall and swimming area that is not typically clothing-optional. Above it is what’s known as the “nudist pool.” We will hike up around the mountain to reach this pool.

So come join us on our next awesome weekend upstate in less than 2 weeks!

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