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Jordan Shares His Concerns About Internet Pornography and Children

Guest Blog by: Jordan Blum

Issues Pertaining to Internet Pornography and Children

Internet Pornography and Children – I watched a documentary recently called “The Price of Pleasure” that addressed issues the pertain to children and pornography. As you might predict, it was pretty upsetting.
Just consider these statistics about Internet Pornography & Children:

  • 11 years old is a conservative estimate of when children are first exposed to online pornography
  • 90% of children, ages 8-16 year olds have viewed porn on the internet (usually while doing homework)
  • 80% of teenagers 15-17 year olds have been exposed multiple times to hard-core pornography

Sexuality is a part of life just like food. We need both to survive. But what will the future hold if children get to form their opinions and ideals based on pornographic images or videos that they happened upon online? And if most 10 year old kids are seeing nudity for the first time on a pornography site?

So what does nudism have to do with all this? Nudism means all kinds of things to all kinds of people. But nudism is by no means sexual!

The mainstream might think or even believe that nudity is perverted, but nudists know better. For true naturists, nudity is natural, our body is our body, and we should not feel ashamed of who we are or what we look like.

If people believe in God then they also believe that it was God that gave us this body and that we should never be ashamed of it. After combing the bible I could not find any references about nudity being a bad thing. The contrary might be argued better since God was pissed when he discovered that Adam & Eve were ashamed of how they looked and ran to cover themselves up.

In my opinion, it would be far healthier to teach children and address issues early on in life. What if children were first introduced to nudity through nudism and not through porn? Wouldn’t there be a higher chance of that child forming a more respectful mindset towards the naked form?

It goes without saying that if children are exposed to nudity through pornography, then the chances that child would link the two together are almost unavoidable.

For nudists, the naked body is seen as only a small part of what makes a person. At a social nude / clothes-free setting, people are forced to make far more eye contact, which in turn causes them to be far more attentive to what the other person is actually saying. Contrary to what some may think, nudism goes a long way to diffuse sexual tensions.

Without any accessories, it is very difficult to sexualize one’s appearance. Wearing skimpy outfits serves only one purpose – SEX APPEAL. While being naked is just that – being naked. It’s like saying, this who I am for better or for worse.

Internet Pornography & Children

Internet Pornography & Children – The Price of Pleasure DVD

If action is not taken soon then we run the risk of having a whole generation of children who believe that being naked is sexual (through no fault of their own). The problem goes even deeper since growing up with such misconceptions will inevitably play a significant part of how that child will grow up and view his / her partner. Porn in and of itself is not the problem. It is us as a society that keeps pushing the envelope and keeps demanding new and harsher ways of satisfying our sexual fantasies.

If nudity were accepted I for one believe that society as a whole would be the beneficiary. We would see a more open and accepting attitude towards the human form and a lot more respect towards the other people in our lives.

Do you think exposure to naturism or nudity at a young age would reduce the frequent need to seek out pornography and sexual entertainment later on in life? Can nudism reduce the need for pornography?

(In addition to Internet Pornography and Children ….. As I was doing research, I also came across this other statistic that depressed and infuriated me at the same time. In 2010: 14.5% (17.2 million households) were food insecure – meaning that they were not able to provide adequate nourishment on a regular basis. And we call ourselves a developed nation?)

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