Internet Pornography and Children – Jordan Rants!

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Jordan Shares His Concerns About Internet Pornography and Children

Guest Blog by: Jordan Blum

Issues Pertaining to Internet Pornography and Children

Internet Pornography and Children – I watched a documentary recently called “The Price of Pleasure” that addressed issues the pertain to children and pornography. As you might predict, it was pretty upsetting.
Just consider these statistics about Internet Pornography & Children:

  • 11 years old is a conservative estimate of when children are first exposed to online pornography
  • 90% of children, ages 8-16 year olds have viewed porn on the internet (usually while doing homework)
  • 80% of teenagers 15-17 year olds have been exposed multiple times to hard-core pornography

Sexuality is a part of life just like food. We need both to survive. But what will the future hold if children get to form their opinions and ideals based on pornographic images or videos that they happened upon online? And if most 10 year old kids are seeing nudity for the first time on a pornography site?

So what does nudism have to do with all this? Nudism means all kinds of things to all kinds of people. But nudism is by no means sexual!

The mainstream might think or even believe that nudity is perverted, but nudists know better. For true naturists, nudity is natural, our body is our body, and we should not feel ashamed of who we are or what we look like.

If people believe in God then they also believe that it was God that gave us this body and that we should never be ashamed of it. After combing the bible I could not find any references about nudity being a bad thing. The contrary might be argued better since God was pissed when he discovered that Adam & Eve were ashamed of how they looked and ran to cover themselves up.

In my opinion, it would be far healthier to teach children and address issues early on in life. What if children were first introduced to nudity through nudism and not through porn? Wouldn’t there be a higher chance of that child forming a more respectful mindset towards the naked form?

It goes without saying that if children are exposed to nudity through pornography, then the chances that child would link the two together are almost unavoidable.

For nudists, the naked body is seen as only a small part of what makes a person. At a social nude / clothes-free setting, people are forced to make far more eye contact, which in turn causes them to be far more attentive to what the other person is actually saying. Contrary to what some may think, nudism goes a long way to diffuse sexual tensions.

Without any accessories, it is very difficult to sexualize one’s appearance. Wearing skimpy outfits serves only one purpose – SEX APPEAL. While being naked is just that – being naked. It’s like saying, this who I am for better or for worse.

Internet Pornography & Children

Internet Pornography & Children – The Price of Pleasure DVD

If action is not taken soon then we run the risk of having a whole generation of children who believe that being naked is sexual (through no fault of their own). The problem goes even deeper since growing up with such misconceptions will inevitably play a significant part of how that child will grow up and view his / her partner. Porn in and of itself is not the problem. It is us as a society that keeps pushing the envelope and keeps demanding new and harsher ways of satisfying our sexual fantasies.

If nudity were accepted I for one believe that society as a whole would be the beneficiary. We would see a more open and accepting attitude towards the human form and a lot more respect towards the other people in our lives.

Do you think exposure to naturism or nudity at a young age would reduce the frequent need to seek out pornography and sexual entertainment later on in life? Can nudism reduce the need for pornography?

(In addition to Internet Pornography and Children ….. As I was doing research, I also came across this other statistic that depressed and infuriated me at the same time. In 2010: 14.5% (17.2 million households) were food insecure – meaning that they were not able to provide adequate nourishment on a regular basis. And we call ourselves a developed nation?)

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • Steven

    Through my years as a nudist and letting others know that this is the lifestyle that I've choosen without fail they screw up their nose's at me and tell me (and they are all assuming on this subject) just how perverted running around naked with others (people of which I don't know) they are all knowing and tell me that people running around naked are perverts that stop to have sex where ever they might be in front of god and every body. When I tell em to hold up just a minute and explain to them what nudism is REALLY about they don't believe what I'm telling them and say "oh yeah…ok, sure what ever". Until you can get these non believers to actually see what nudisim is REALLY about you will NEVER change their minds and they will NEVER share with their children that nudity is REALLY ok and it has NOTHING to do with porn what so ever.

  • Malcolm Boura, Briti

    I am currently researching the figures quoted for things like the age at which children first see pornography and some of them can only be described as fraudulent. For example survey of teenagers to find out if they had seen pornography asked if they had seen a picture of a naked person. If they had opened a half way adequate biology text book then of course they had! The people behind the campaign for the prudification of society are so secure in their own prejudice that they seem to genuinely believe the rubbish produced by their rubbish research.

    • Peter G Mackie

      Can anyone really be sure about that? The generation of kids growing up nowadays are very internet-savvy.

      I think that it is really time for us naturists to be standing up against porn and explaining the difference between nudity and porn.

  • Brian Taylor – Briti

    I will join the chorus proclaiming this to be a good article. I accords with our beliefs and is supported by all the facts and studies that we can find. As Peter G Mackie has already said there are moves afoot in the UK to introduce blanket censorship of the Internet in order to "solve" the problem. This is a very crude and ill-conceived approach that has great potential to do enormous harm, but the government doesn't seem to care; they haven't even considered what harm they might do. We are, of course, doing our best to lobby government and sway public opinion, but both are like huge oil tankers travelling full speed ahead…

    I will just take issue with one thing you said and I appreciate it could be a misinterpretation, but if I can make it, so can others: You stated "At a social nude / clothes-free setting, people are forced to make far more eye contact". In my experience there is no forcing involved, it just happens that way. I would be most disappointed in a Naturist's behaviour if he/she had to be forced into this and I would question their integrity as a Naturist. It is clothes that attract the eye, especially clothes that tease the eye…

    • Steven

      Don't know about the forced eye contact but when I visited my first landed club in Las Vegas it is true that when meeting people for the first time you have the usual look you up and down syndrome and then we all go on about our business. Now, that being said the same happens in the textile world being on a beach people in their swim ware and you'll get that look you up and down thing going on also….not sure why when people are naked and that occurs folks seem to get a differant Idea about just (WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT) thing going on. Just my thought!

  • JBlum

    Hi Peter,

    Thank you so much for you comment. I believe that Naturism / Nudism is a great way to combat this upsetting phenomena. We need more people to vocalize their opinions and thoughts and perhaps slowly things will change.

    But we need to start somewhere!

  • Peter G Mackie

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything said in this article. This has been a topical subject in Britain recently as the Government is considering measures for tightening controls on online porn but some people say that this would be unworkable.

    Perhaps naturism is the only answer but how would you persuade the general public about this?

    I will try to alert websites in the UK discussing this matter to your article.

    As for sexting, I see nothing wrong with teenagers posting nude photos in itself and some of this is probably innocent enough. It is what might be done with these photos that is the problem. I think that it is wrong that the kids should be prosecuted. Instead, the authorities should be targeting adult perpetrators of child porn – and, of course, anyone blackmailing anyone.

  • Paul Rapoport

    The sexting phenomenon is wildly misunderstood and is certainly not worse than pornography. Sorry, no time to elaborate here. But I suggest becoming familiar with what sexting is not, which is admittedly a difficult task.

    The problem with most pornography is not so much how it affects naturism (which it does, as you point out) as how it affects interpersonal relationships generally, including sexual ones. Pornography has unfortunately become sex ed for many, because the state has decreed (with few exceptions), grotesquely and very wrongly, that sex education is evil. You know, sex ed causes teen pregnancy, causes disease, causes violence against women, etc.

    The evidence is sharply against that. Indeed, it tells us that the denial of comprehensive sex education is one of the *causes* of those things. Until sexual rights and responsibilities, pleasure and relationships, and health and diversity are part of school curricula, America will continue to lead the Western world in socio-sexual pathologies of the sort mentioned above and others.

    (As for abstinence-only sex ed, it is a very bad joke. Six scientific organizations evaluated it and came to the same conclusion: it's one of the biggest and most expensive failures in the history of American education.)

    • JBlum

      Hey Paul! I agree wholeheartedly… if the first encounter a child has with nudity is through porn, couldn't that have some residual affects later on in life as far as how that child thinks about sexuality and relationships?

      I for one feel that if parents were to expose children to nudism then the chances of them having a more respectful and well rounded view of the opposite sex would be much greater.

      Paul – the sexting issue is something I have yet to really study. I would love any insight you might have for us about this issue :)

    • There is also a US Federal Government report concluding that abstinence sex ed is a failure. Yes it delays the start of sexual activity a bit but once it starts it is less likely that protection and contraception will be used and more likely to be promiscuous. However, good sex ed also delays the commencement of sexual activity.

      It is not just that the USA leads the world, it does so by an enormous margin. For example the teenage pregnancy rate is ten times that of Denmark.

  • Billy V

    The problem is that we live in a society where all nudity is viewed as porn. We have teachers fired when they take their students to an art museum that has paintings with nudity in it. We pixel out naked natives on the Discovery or National Geographic channels.

    A much bigger problem than internet net porn is this sexting phenomena. It's becoming more common for kids to send naked pictures of themselves to their friends. These pictures can be used as blackmail or even worse, get a charge of child pornography against the child who took their own picture.

    • JBlum

      A teacher was fired for taking kids to see an art exhibit?

      As for the sexting issue… this is something that I need to look into more deeply before I comment.

  • Duncan Cloudbender

    I can still remember the first naked woman I saw as a child. I was sneaking a peak at a "nudie" mag. I wouldn't call the pictures I saw pornographic, but artistic. I can't remember any except the very first one. She was naked, riding a horse, at some distance. The picture seemed to intentionally include the scenery, and indeed horse and rider took up about and (estimated) ninth of the page.

    • JBlum

      thank you for sharing :)

  • Members of the Bare Platypus will tell others, first-hand, that raising kids as nudists and with a solid religious faith too made a Big difference:

    Read this account of a Bare Platypus "puggle" who is now grown up and has brought her college boyfriend to a nudist park. And NO. They are not sexually active. Imagine that!

    • JBlum

      Very interesting… it just goes to show how important it is for parents to be educators!

  • All Nudist (Steve)

    Very good article and can't argue with any of that except perhaps,"If action is not taken soon then we run the risk of having a whole generation of children who believe that being naked is sexual…"

    Afraid that's been the case for most of recorded history, to one degree or another. But you're absolutely right about the increased explicitly present and the ease and sheer volume of material available to kids today. That can't be good for young minds struggling to understand sexuality and their place within it.

    Entry points for viewing a little skin used to be the Sears catalog and National Geographic, then Playboy and Penthouse. Not really much more sexually graphic than naturist magazines, and at least some sort of buffer before moving on to harder stuff. Still, tame as they were they managed to confuse their generations of kids anyway!

    Today's kids can go straight to porn sites like Red Tube for their primary instruction about nudity and human sexuality. The kinds of things they see there and expectations created can be challenging for an adult to keep in context, let alone a child or young person lacking the perspective to see them for what they are.

    Anecdotal evidence would imply that kids raised in a naturist lifestyle do have a better handle on their own body image and that of others, and can better separate nudity from sexuality than their textile peers. This makes sense if for no other reason than by seeing naked bodies in routine situations they gain the understanding that yes, nudity is normal and need not have sexual connotations.

    Whether this will help prepare them for porn or dissuade them from pursuing it when discovered remains to be seen; this is all too new. We're betting that family and social nudity will give them a level-headed starting point; how they handle it after that surely can't be any worse than seeing nudity for the very first time… portrayed through pornography.

    Ignorance is the enemy, and ignorance is fought with information. What better place to get that information than from a community of folks who do have the right attitude about nudity and sexuality, know how and where they go together, and where they do not.

    • JBlum

      Hey All Nudists… thank you for that comment :)

      I agree the ignorance is a major problem and that nudism is just thing that suffers as the result. But with that said, we have our fair share of ignorance from within the nudist community.

      The problem, for the most part is that people think they know everything and look down on others who simply have a different perspective.

      The problem with children and porn today is how readily available it is. When I grew up, the chances of me stumbling upon pornography was slim to none. But kids today might run into it while doing their homework!

      It also seems that as the years go by, the porn is becoming far more graphic and extreme. It is as if people are so jaded that regular porn is not enough anymore. So the stuff that they are exposed to is not the garden variety pinup and the imagery is no where near as tame. This new world of ours has created pornography on crack and the problem is a simple one – the demand seems to be relentless!

      Education is key but with that said, legitimacy is vital. We need to do more to educate people, we have to continue to reach out and we need to work harder to gain more mainstream support. This is where I hope Young Naturists & Nudists America will succeed. The astonishing numbers of young people and couples that are interested or at least open minded enough to try it never ceases to amaze me. We are hoping to make an impact on peoples lives by creating an environment where we can emphasize the importance of social responsibilities, education, respect and acceptance.

      Who knows, maybe one day, parents will start to understand that by living a cloths free lifestyle they will be helping to curtail this overly obsessive need for porn.

      Keep posting and promoting!!!!