Is It Proper To Ask Nudists Direct Questions About Nudism?

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Questions About Nudism That People Ask, are They Helpful or Hurtful?

Have Questions About Nudism?

Questions about nudism – We all have them but many of them don’t ask them. These days, it seems that asking questions has been identified as a social faux pas, especially if we are asking a question of someone about an area in which they’re different from ourselves.

Perhaps I need to get a better filter for my mouth, but I tend to ask the questions as they come to my brain. For me, there are no good or bad questions or body parts, there are only respectful or disrespectful questions, especially when it comes to nudism!

Last summer, I encountered a man at my nudist camp who had many, many penis rings. This intrigued me: I’ve never met someone who had at least 50 rings in his penis before. Keeping the questions in just wasn’t going to happen, so I approached the man and noted the penis rings and asked if he would mind a few questions about them since I’d never seen so many on one person.

With his permission, the questions began: didn’t it hurt to get all those piercings? How in the world does he put clothes on? Does the jingling of the jewelry under his clothes cause people to look at him funny? Is he able to get through the airport security scan? Does it interfere with sex? And the list went on.

The gentleman had a great sense of humor and answered each question thoroughly so that something that completely baffled me made sense afterwards. Questions do that: you ask them, get them answered, and understand them.

Have Questions About Nudism

Have Questions About Nudism?

While questions often clear things up and help us to forge questions, somewhere in society we’ve been taught that asking questions is rude, a way of mocking others, and just plain disrespectful (especially when it comes to naturism or nudism questions). When I asked my niece one day about a mark on her face- which I thought was due to an injury- her mother prompted her to tell me that it’s not nice to make fun of her birthmark.

Honestly, I wasn’t making fun- I was asking what the mark was. I had a lot of teasing as a child due to my right eye being a lazy eye. While initially hurt by people commenting (kids can be cruel in the way they say things) I learned to explain my eye when people asked about it or joke with them when they asked questions in a funny way. This helps to educate others and allows the air to be cleared.

Yet so many questions are no-no’s. We can’t ask others about some sensitive topics and I truly think that is why there is so much hatred and prejudice in the world: we mock what we don’t understand and we don’t understand things that we don’t ask about. I do ask many questions but keep it to things I think I can get away with. Some of my more unusual questions have been:

* Isn’t it annoying to have a penis hanging down your leg all day? (I asked this of a man- I can’t imagine having a penis there to bother me all day.)

* Did you like it better to have hair or do you more appreciate the convenience of being bald?

* What was it like to realize that you were gay? What was the reaction of your loved ones?

Then there are the questions that I’d like to ask, but don’t ask due to lack of confidence that the questions will be well-received due to the way questions could be perceived:

* What is it like to be Black? What prejudices and stereotypes affect you as a result of your skin color?

* When people look at your amputation/ mastectomy scar, what goes through your mind? Are you ok with questions about that?

So what about you, dear readers? Do you ask questions? Are there limits to what you will ask? How do you feel when questions are asked of you that may be sensitive? Are questions merely a way of making fun of people or can they be used to increase the love in this world? Because, as we YNA’ers know… it’s all about the love.

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  • Jerry

    I agree myself I naturally love to ask things of people in general and being nude makes me more willing to ask things of both nudists and non nudists. As for me I enjoy having my penis just hanging freely and prefer much more to be hairy, I find the trend of shaving to be, well to put it nicely old and outdated now…

  • Mark

    To answer a few of Melissa's questions… yes, hanging penises can be quite annoying, although scrotums even more so. And I'm about half bald now and really wish the rest would just go. Convenience? Hell yeah! :)

    This is a bit tricky. Naturism is about being open and honest, but it's also about being vulnerable. Last year I wrote about how sharing the vulnerability of being naked creates an environment of mutual respect. In that environment, some people might be more open to receiving questions they'd consider disrespectful from the average clothed person. But some people, feeling even more vulnerable than they usually do, are going to feel even more poked and uncomfortable by these questions than they usually would – not good.

    I think it makes sense to get to know someone a little bit before asking questions they might consider sensitive. Fortunately, naturism makes it easier for people who want to get to know people, and people who want to get known, to get together. It may not take away all of the awkwardness – indeed, sometimes it makes things awkward in different ways – but it helps. :)