How To Meet Nudists and Naturists In Your Area

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Aside From Nude Nudist Clubs, How Do I Meet Local Nudists?

At YNA, we hear this question quite often. This isn’t surprising. There are nudists spread out all over the U.S., and not everyone has a nude beach or nudist resort or club nearby. Even if they do, some can’t afford to join their local nudist club or don’t have the transportation to get there.

So, how else does one meet other local nudist people or nude-friendly groups?

We have some ideas to share for connecting with fellow nudists both online and off line.

Meeting Nudists Offline

If you haven’t already, see if there are any alternative places nearby for a nudie to visit besides a club or resort.

Examples of alternative nudie environments:

– Swimming holes or places in nature that have a tradition of skinny dipping, such as ponds, rivers and lakes in national parks or forests. The website has a comprehensive list of swimming holes all over the country (though we don’t know how often it gets updated). It has both textile and naked areas, so look for the ones specifically noted to have a skinny dipping tradition. Keep in mind that the people who frequent these places don’t necessarily call themselves naturists. Since these places are usually free and open to the public, they attract all sorts of people. But if other people are there skinny dipping, you clearly have a shared interest!

– If you’re into yoga, then check out your local naked yoga classes. Many times nude yoga instructors will host classes in a local studio and not at a nearby nudist club. These classes can form a community when the same people return week after week.

– Nude spas. These types of places are probably the least conducive to meeting people. They’re usually gender-segregated and many people are just there to relax and unwind… not to make friends. But if the vibe is right, it can still be a place to meet like-minded people.

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How to meet nudists & make nudie friends

– Local naked-friendly events, such as the World Naked Bike Ride, nude runs / parades like in San Francisco, local Burning Man events, etc. These are not “naturist” events, but they do attract nudies and people who are open to naturist activities. If you look beyond the “nudist” label, you’d be surprised just how many people are interested in naked parties / events / activities.

How to meet nudist people there: I know it can be intimidating to approach strangers, even though you’re both naked and enjoying the same activities. It seems to be especially challenging for single men, who are, unfortunately, most often suspect before they even say a word.

So if you’re shy or not so keen on chatting up strangers, the first thing I’d say is to, if possible, bring a friend. Being with a friend can make the experience more relaxing and fun. It may give you more confidence and even give you more legitimacy in terms of how others see you. (Hate to say it, but if you’re a guy, a woman will probably be more open to talking to you if you’re accompanied by a female friend.)

If you don’t have a friend to accompany you to a nudie place, (because duh, that’s why you’re going there to begin with), try looking for an excuse to start a conversation with others – you can ask someone to take your picture (without getting others in the background of course), or see if they’re a regular there and ask them a few questions about the area. If conversation is strained or they clearly want to be left alone, it’s best to politely end the conversation and move on.

Meeting Local Nudist People and Nude Nudist Groups Online:

You can also try meeting locals through nudist social networks and forums. Most of these sites are rudimentary and poorly designed. That being said, they are nonetheless free and used by nudists all over the world.

Some nudist online social networks / forums to try:

  • – You will, without a doubt, have to weed through and block a bunch of creeps who are there for the wrong reasons. But if you have the patience, there are good people on there.
  • The Naktiv Nook – – This is one of the newer social networks for nudists, but it seems to be doing well, as they say they’ve now reached 4,000 members. This network has a strange policy against “boring” selfies, but it’s otherwise one to look into.
  • Zerokini – — This network was developed in France. I’ve never used it, but have no reason to believe it’s not legitimate.
  • – same type as
  • Naturist Corner – (forum)

Nudist Sites to avoid: “nudist dating” scam sites.

Other online networks and nude groups where you can meet local nudists through:

Despite Facebook’s draconian censorship policies against nudity, there are many nudist groups on there. We have a main YNA group of over 6,000 people (and growing fast!) from all over the world. Members are welcome to post introductions of themselves in the group and make local new nudist friends by asking who else is in their area.

We also have secret local groups for people in the Tri-State area (NY, NJ, PA) and for upstate New York, as well as a secret group just for women. Contact us if you’d like to join one of the secret groups.

Create your own nude group for nudists:

Last but not least, you can meet others by creating your own group online and / or offline. YNA is no longer opening new chapters, but we do help, support and promote other legitimate young naturist groups and new groups in general. is a good site to start with. It costs $12 / month for group organizers, though you could recoup this cost by charging a group membership or charging for some Meetups. (It’s otherwise free to use for non-organizers.) It may be a good idea to have a free, clothed meet-up at a local café as a preliminary meeting. This would create a less intimidating environment for potential newbies and would also help you screen people for naked events.

You can also create a Facebook group and promote it in other nudist / naturist Facebook groups.

FB has different privacy options for groups:

-With “closed” groups, your group description and members are visible, but posts are hidden from non-members. The advantages of a “closed” group are that people can find it in Facebook searches and you can share it by linking to it. The disadvantage is that you’ll have to work harder to screen random people that ask to join.

-With “secret” groups, your entire group is invisible to everyone except its members. It can’t be found in searches, and it doesn’t show up on anyone’s profile / timeline. This is preferred by those who don’t want their FB friends to know they’re in the group. But you can’t share a secret group by linking to it. The only way you can add new people to it is by becoming Facebook friends with them first.

You can always start with a “closed” group so as to promote it and later on change it to “secret.” Or you can create a public page for the group and make that your point of contact. is also another site for meeting people, whether you’re posting to meet like-minded friends, or for promoting your new group. It has its bad eggs like any site, but it’s entirely possible to meet the right people, too.

So that’s our guide! What did we leave out, readers? What’s your experience in trying to meet like-minded locals outside of clubs / resorts?

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  • edwardsbrent506

    I hear stories about people wanting to be nude and acting like its such a common thing. I travel all ove the US as a truck driver and I don’t see it. I rarely see anybody even outside. I hate when people say that they are going to do something and put on a show about it. yet they don’t seem to be telling the truth. Like the whole nude gardening thing. If you’re going to do something do it, or shut up about it. I am concerned about those that could face public humiliation because the think that they are participating with a large group of people and then find out that it wasnt so.

  • gypsy42279

    Thanks for tipd Felicity going to Start Group soon Aloha Derrick

  • j238

    The steep ratio makes it extremely difficult for single males to meet people in a nudist environment.  

    Just about everything on this page is a well-intentioned suggestion that might work, or might not. 

    In my own experience, ‘converting’ a close textile friend is easier than meeting people in a naturist context.

  • AdamYnaNY

    I’ve been using Naktiv for a few days now, and I really seem to enjoy it.  It’s like Facebook meets a Forum.  You can have you individual profiles with your info, likes, photos, and friends.  But it also shows a community social feed of all the members not just your friends.  Now your not just segmented to people you know but everyone.  Way more welcoming than TN or Facebook even.  Worth a check.

  • danielpalenski

    Might want to add IYNO to the list it’s pretty good too

  • i could add dozens of suggestions (but then i’d seem retarded)

    my 1st tip is go on amazon & look at the book called Day Trips with a Splash: Swimming Holes of the Southwest.  At the bottom there’s TWO sections with other suggestions. On EVERY book that has to do with your location, click “open link in new tab.” Keep doing this until you find every book about hot springs & swimming holes in your area. There’s also books about nudist places that amazon suggests. Read every review because people add other places that the books missed. Do the same at barnes & noble.  some books list tons of clothing optional spots!!

    my next tip is to GOOGLE ADVANCED SEARCH nudist sites for keywords related to your location. On this site you can also click comments at the top & search them for words & abbreviations that have to do with location. 
    Another tip is search for places on sites like Youtube. Like if I search verde hot springs, there’s a bunch of videos & comments by people who go there. i don’t want to seem creepy but i’m a computer wiz & can quickly advance search their comments & activity & can often tell if the person is a nudist-type & if they live nearby, then you can suggest to meetup. Also youtube has a lot of interview videos.

    Also just google stuff like sycamore creek nudists & sites show up that tell other popular hangouts, clubs & other locals are on these sites
    the blog “academic naturist” has a list of places & i think kenfreehiker tells a bunch of places
    Anyway as far as meeting locals i don’t want to cause im busy w/ family. even if i went alone i doubt i’d be “suspect”: i’m 100+ lbs & seem gay & young

    About 50% of Americans make under 30 grand a year so good luck going anywhere on that budget!

    sorry for the long commenti just copy & paste!

  • livefyrebob

    I’ve met so many nice, caring, graceful people through attending World Naked Bike Ride, visiting Bates Beach, and taking part in nude yoga classes.  These friends help me realize what a joy it is to be alive.