How to Look Good Naked

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How To Look Good Naked the Naturist Way!

How To Look Good Naked By YNA:

Being a website about naturism / nudism, I thought we should have one of these standard magazine articles on “How to look good naked.” What many people are wondering, right? This phrase gets searched over 18,000 times per month on Google. Maybe you’ve thought about trying social nudity, but first you thought, “Well if I’m gonna get naked, I need to look good!”

Well it’s about to get a little anti-climactic because there are only two steps to How To Look Good Naked – YNA Style:

1. Take all your clothes off
2. Smile

I just added in the “smile” step to be cute. Really all you have to do is take your clothes off. It’s that simple!

The “How To Look Good Naked” article constantly appears in most women’s magazines (and probably in some men’s mags too) at some point. They usually have as many as 16 (or more) steps that include: products you need to buy, work-out regimens, positioning your body at certain angles, dietary advice, etc. It’s mostly a focus on how to get thinner or how to make yourself appear thinner.

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How to Look Good Naked

It’s such a popular topic that there have even been entire television series dedicated to it. One series entitled “How to Look Good Naked” started in the UK, and then came an American version with Carson Kessley on Lifetime in 2008. It only lasted for two seasons, and some of its tactics were questionable (like blowing up the woman’s image in her underwear to put on the side of a building), but it was otherwise way better than any other makeover show I’ve seen. Instead of subjecting the women to plastic surgery and quick-fix dieting, Kessley actually focused on helping women love and accept their bodies. He says to the first contestant, Layla, in the mirror: “This is Layla.. Is she perfect? No. Is she beautiful? Yes!” You can still see all of the show’s episodes on

The great thing about naturism is that it’s not about playing up your sexiest features or changing your body to look a certain way. Sure, exercise and nutritious food will make you feel good from the inside out, but good news: neither is required to look good naked. Exercise, don’t exercise. Have cake for breakfast or have fruit. Put on makeup or go totally bare. You are free to do what you want with your body.

Naturism is a way of escaping a world that’s centered around superficial qualities like appearance and sex appeal. For naturism, all you need to do is get naked and be yourself. If the body confidence isn’t there, a day at the nude beach might just give it to you.

Also, people are going to look at you weird if you try to stand like this all day.

how to look good naked pose

How to Look Good Naked

I use the term “naturism” in this article because in my opinion, “nudism” in the U.S. doesn’t have any body acceptance philosophy behind it. As an example, a nudist publication called NUSA Sun also printed an article about looking good naked. It was called, “Doffing, Donning & Bling: Chel’s 11 Rules for Disrobing in a Crowd.” Not steps, but rules! It was a list directed at women that basically focused on how to have sex appeal while naked. Her rules included shaving pubic hair, applying sunscreen slowly in public, and wearing heels. The online quality is not great, but you can see it at It appeared in the January 2013 issue.

So if you were looking for an article about exercise and posture tips, I’m sorry to disappoint. If you want to learn how to accept and love your body as it is, see my article “Nudism Improves Self-Esteem.”

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  • gramps1957

    I prefer it!

  • Marcnude

    I feel like people are way too often ashamed of their natural appearance. I also find it ridiculous that wearing tiny clothes that don’t cover anything is more acceptable than just showing off what you were born with. Society gets so many things backward.

  • Christopher Washington

    I saw a woman at a nudist event who didnt shave anything. I found ti interesting because she obviously did not care and was comfortable with it. To me that is more attractive than having to conform to what others think on shaving.

  • Felicity’s Blog

    Personal choice!

  • Christopher Judson

    What’s your opinion on public hair? Is shaving it sexy or just a personal choice?

  • Christopher Judson

    What’s your opinion on public hair? Is shaving it sexy or just a personal choice?

  • Christopher Judson

    Pretty simply :)

  • Christopher Judson

    Pretty simply :)