Fun Things to Read Naked and How Our Naked Party Went

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Things To Read Naked and Our Naked Party

What To Read Naked and How our Nude Party Turned Out

Read Naked and Party Naked – First! For my usual naked party report: Naked Booze n Schmooze turned out to be an awesome night and our biggest party yet! We had over 60 people, and managed to have about 40% ladies in the end. We had a lot of media coverage, with writers and photographers curious to capture the hip new naked-party scene. Crowd was great and full of new people, and next time we hope it gets even bigger!

Fun Things To Read Naked

Fun Things To Read Naked – A writer from Nerve already posted an article about us for their column this week entitled, “Sex Advice from Nudists.” It’s an interesting read! If you have any opinions on it, come back here and leave a comment! (Note: If you’d like to go back to our site, don’t click on their link in the article because it’s the wrong link)

-“Nude Travel is Big Business” tells us we’re slowly progressing from puritan to nudist: “How likely are you to go to a nude beach or clothes optional one, and strip?”

For a country settled by humorless and uptight Puritans, a surprising 49% of Americans said they would do it. Does this statistic surprise anyone?

-Really cool naked story: The San Francisco Chronicle found the file in their archives labeled “NUDISTS“.. Some photos and stories shared from the past 4 decades!

Fun Things To Read Naked - 1970's nude naked sign california

Chronical Archives / 1971

“How to Have Fun Practicing Nudism in Your Room” This is just weird. Who writes these things?

-I usually don’t pay much attention to the crazy, sometimes drunk or high, and/or criminal people that get in the news for setting off fireworks at the beach while naked or some such ridiculous stories. But here’s an interesting one of 25 people who were called by a photographer to pose naked in front of an ancient tree, bringing attention to its importance as an old wise one. Would any of you shed your clothes to save a tree? [Update: Sorry, link broken and story disappeared :( ]

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  • carrie88

    The "warnings" from the how to practice nudism in your room article:

    * If you paint,don't get any on the floor.
    * Make sure all of your blind/windows/shades/curtains are closed.
    * If you consider the sleepover,make sure they are all the same gender.
    * Blinds/curtains

    Not only are some of these warnings unrelated (not getting paint on the floor?) but some are downright insulting. Warning people to make sure they are only with the same gender while practicing nudism promotes the idea that nudism is a sexual and genders need to be separated in order to avoid any danger. I believe this was written by someone very ill-informed about nudism and the entire article should be read with a grain of salt.