House of Yes Naked Party In Brooklyn

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Naked Party At The House Of Yes In Williamsburg Brooklyn

House Of Yes Naked Party – Many of you may have seen the ad for the “Naked Dance Party” and Human Skin Fashion Show” event going around for last Sunday night at the House of Yes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Well us and some of our nudist friends attended!
Given the lines “NAKED AERIAL!” and “PUBIC HAIR CUTS!” among others in the advertising, we were very curious and a little wary as to what was gonna go down..I had suspicions of it being a joke.

In any case, the House of Yes is an art space used for various purposes from Skybox aerial training to other artsy classes and events, and I think they are also known for their wild parties. As they state, the premise of this event was to make up for a fashion show they hosted promoting the Nutria fur that comes from those little creatures destroying the wetlands. The hostess told us it was their first nude party … Perhaps a little unplanned! Here’s what they just wrote about it:

Top-free event House of Yes for Equal TopFree Rights topless

Naked Party At The House Of Yes

“Basically, House of Yes has learned a few lessons in the past few weeks. We learned that if you host a naked party as an inside joke, people will still show up and you still have to get naked so that you don’t look like an asshole. We also learned that Naked Dance Parties are seriously fun!”

Little did they know, nudists will show up to any naked party they find. Anyway I have to say the whole thing was really fun! From the outside the venue is hidden on a block among shady-looking warehouses. But once we got inside it was a large space that had a cozy bar area with plush seating. The dance floor behind it included a trapeze ring suspended high above, used for an impressive naked aerial show during the party. Great DJ and drinks.

More ladies present would have been nice, but men outnumbering women is to be expected in these things, especially when it’s random people showing up. They did, however, have a big group of friendly young people who really seemed to enjoy hanging out and dancing naked! Perhaps we’ll find some of them at our Nude Years Eve.

So, it was a cool venue, and they created the hip, young and modern naked scene in NYC that we like! We hope they’ll think about hosting another nude party at some point.

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  • Brklyn Paul

    I'm upset with myself that I missed this event.. bringing together two great organizations. YES & YNA!